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  • Citizens Exchange Epic Fantasy Series

    Citizens Exchange
    Epic Fantasy Series

    Short Synopsis: Riftwalker guilds accidentally open a rift between their planet and Earth. Two planets are at a stalemate for almost a decade before the Citizens Exchange Program is suggested by the Thalassarians.

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  • First Contact Sci Fi, Space Opera

    First Contact
    Sci Fi, Space Opera

    Plot: When a badly damaged alien battleship drops out of hyperspace and requests to dock with The International Space Station, astronauts aboard the station have a big decision to make on behalf of the whole humanity… Schedule: Monday & Friday Start from the the first part

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  • Pathetic Villain

    Pathetic Villain

    Plot: A villain everyone in superhero and villain world considers to be pathetic, but adores due to his charisma, is pushed to his limits… Schedule: Wednesday

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  • Rapture


    Synopsis: After the Christian Rapture happened to everyone’s considerable shock, those left behind (and those born to them after) all had a strange, unremovable marking appear on their foreheads. It took decades to translate, but the result was horrifying; “Do not harvest, not fit for consumption.

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