I’m a London-based reporter at Fox News. Previously, I contributed to publications like Heat Street, The Daily Telegraph, The Huffington Post, Spiked, and elsewhere.

I have appeared on BBC Radio and speaking arrangements include debates at the University of Bath and City University, London.

I’ve written about a variety of topics, including: How UC Berkeley received a warning of potential riot on campus, Women’s March odd partnership with an anti-abortion group, Mike Cernovich’s use of footage from another country in a documentary on Swedenwhich he later re-released due to my reporting, exclusive interview with the radical DePaul University protester, broke the story of Saturday Night Live write being fired, how women in tech follow mostly men on Twitter, and Black Lives Matter’s love for Fidel Castro.

Email me: Lukas.Mikelionis@Foxnews.com or LukMikelionis@gmail.com

You can also follow me on Twitter @LukasMikelionis – my direct messages are open for any questions/tips.