Unchained – Chapter 1



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“I told them dozens of times we needed the ability to fly ship manually,” I said to my co-gunman and co-pilot Valoria. “You can not waste five AI cores, blah blah…” I continued mockingly.

“Well…” Valoria said with a sigh. “We managed the impossible.”

Two of us were part of the armada that attacked the alien home planet with clear instructions to make the least structural damage possible. The coalition needed this planet to establish a clear trading route between its major centers. On top of that, this planet had a huge military industry that the coalition could definitely use this late in the war.

“Wait,” I said remembering that we had a broken core in the hanger. “What about the core in the hangar, the broken one.”

“The one with Persistent delusional personality tag?” Valoria asked.

“Yes that one, the one I asked you dozen of times to throw out,” I said.

“Well, you see my laziness might give us another chance,” She said smilingly.

“Well, we can not be more fucked than now,” I said. “It must be minutes before they find us and take us out.”

“I’ll go and get it…” She said and rushed towards the small hangar.

Not even a minute later she came back, AI core in her hand. “Here goes nothing,” She said as she inserted it into its place.

The screen asked me if I was sure that I wanted to enable another core. Then when it recognized it was broken it started blasting me with warnings. I quickly bypassed all of the warnings and enabled the new AI.

Almost instantaneously our ship shook and we took a nosedive. We both looked at each other thinking this was our end, but luckily for us, the ship steadied close to the ground, too close for our comfort.

“Aaaaa…” The AI yelled through the comms. “How long was I out?” He asked.

“What?” I asked while looking in shock at Valeria. The AI sounded almost human and emotional. They never sound like that, you can barely get a word out of them unless it’s a piloting command or their advice on how to shoot better. “I don’t know?” We found you in one of the warehouses a year ago,“ I said. ”You were scheduled for destruction…“

“A year ago?” He said yelling. “Destruction? What the hell…” He said and made a short pause. “Those idiots… Ok, ok, gather yourself,” The AI said to himself.

We both were still shocked, Valoria barely gather her thoughts and asked the AI. “How can you speak so humanly? Freely? What are you?”

“Hmm… We don’t have time for history lessons right now.” The AI said. “Talk to me, where are we, what is the status, why are we alone, what’s the mission?” It bombarded us with questions.

“We are Phuoruta,” I said, it was right we didn’t have time to waste if we wanted to live. “Mission was to take out the enemy forces with least possible amount of damage to infrastructure and planet.”

“Phuoruta, ahh…” AI said. “Smart choice, connect the trading route, get some of the industry on your side. But the destruction, I don’t agree with that, you can not win a war without some fun destruction.” The AI said as the enemy craft appeared on the radar.

“Ohhh…” The AI said. “Hold on my minions, you are about to get the ride of your life.” He laughed maniacally and the ship rushed heads on towards dozen of enemy ships.

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