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Year 1607 Thalassar calendar | Year 1859 Earth calendar

The Riftwalker Guild was one of the most powerful and wealthy organizations on the planet Thalassar. Like many other traveling guilds, the Riftwalkers owned a fleet of ships and wagons that they used to transport people and goods across the planet. However, their primary source of income came from the portals. These portals connected the major cities and continents of Thalassar, making travel faster and easier for those who could afford it.

Opening a teleport and keeping it open across the large distances of Thalassar was no easy feat. It required a tremendous amount of energy, runes, and resources, and the process was both costly and draining. For this reason, the Riftwalkers and other guilds only opened their teleports when they had enough people who were willing to pay for the service. Establishing well-known portal routes was the route of their business.

Despite the high cost, the demand for the portals was always high, which made guilds battle amongst themselves for the rights to open them. The people of Thalassar were willing to pay whatever it took to travel quickly and safely across the planet. And the guilds wanted a monopoly over this field.

Most of the time the cities with the highest demands for portals were in two different kingdoms and in order to open a portal between the two kingdoms, the Riftwalkers had to navigate a complex web of politics, rivalries, and connections. They had to negotiate with the rulers of both kingdoms, each of whom had their own agendas and demands. And they had to contend with rival guilds and factions, all of whom were vying for control of the lucrative teleportation market.

To make matters even more challenging, many of the kingdoms on Thalassar were in a state of constant tension and conflict. They were suspicious of outsiders and wary of anyone who might threaten their power or sovereignty. This meant that the Riftwalkers had to tread carefully, using all their diplomatic skills and connections to avoid offending anyone or giving the impression of taking sides.

Despite the Riftwalker Guild’s success in opening portals between the kingdoms of Thalassar, the process of doing so remained a challenging one. Every new portal required a significant investment of time, resources, and energy, as well as careful planning and negotiation with the relevant parties. They used their wealth and connections to bribe officials and smooth over disputes. But more importantly, they invested heavily in research and development, seeking out new and innovative ways to open portals that were faster, safer, and more efficient.

The Riftwalkers worked tirelessly on developing their portal technology, and one day, by accident they made a breakthrough that would change Thalassar forever. While experimenting with a new way of opening portals, they accidentally opened a rift not just to another location on Thalassar, but to an entirely different planet.

Excitement and disbelief filled the guild’s headquarters as the rift opened up before them. They could see through the swirling vortex the image of a world they had never seen before. It was a world with a glowing red sky and two suns, and it was teeming with strange and unfamiliar creatures.

As the Riftwalkers gazed upon this new world in awe, they knew they had changed the history of Thalassar forever if they managed to replicate their steps, they would etch themselves into the planet’s history. The Riftwalkers poured all their efforts into studying the portal to a strange new world and sent an expedition into the new world led by their warriors and scholars. The world, which they named Galathar after the Guild Master, was rich with resources that could be used on Thalassar and help the Riftwalker guild become rich and powerful beyond their imagination.

It took them almost a year to replicate their steps and safely open a portal to Galathar once again and in the process, they managed to make the portal stay open indefinitely. The resources used to open the portal almost drained their wealth, but with the portal opened they quickly established themselves on top of the food chain on Thalassar. Word of their abilities to open portals to another realm spread around the Thalassar like wildfire and Riftwalker quickly became one of the most sought-after people on the planet.

The Riftwalker Guild’s discovery of a portal to a new world caused a major upheaval in Thalassar. With the potential to access new resources, technology, and knowledge, the kingdoms of Thalassar quickly realized the importance of controlling the portals and being on the good side with the Rithwalker guild. Tensions rose as each kingdom vied for control, and soon enough, full-scale war broke out.

The Riftwalker Guild found themselves in a precarious position, as they were caught in the crossfire of the warring factions and had no resources to come on top of this war alone. They realized they needed to protect themselves and their interests, and so they chose to align themselves with the powerful Kingdom of Aranthia.

The Riftwalkers provided invaluable strategic support and helped to turn the tide of the war in Aranthia’s favor. In return, the king granted the Riftwalkers seat on the council and power above any other organization in the kingdom, allowing them to establish a strong foothold in Thalassar.

However, not all kingdoms were willing to bow down to Aranthia’s rule. Several smaller factions banded together to form a resistance movement against the Kingdom’s control. This led to a protracted and brutal conflict that lasted for years, ravaging the land and leaving countless casualties in its wake.

The war lasted almost fifty years and drained the resources of both Thalassar and Galathar and finally, after peace ensued, the Riftwalker guild continued their research and perfected the way the portals toward other planets opened.

The resources and preparation to open a portal to another uninhabited world filled with resources they could use took them almost ten years at the time. Most of the worlds they opened the planet were rich with resources and uninhabitable by the people of Thalassar so the alien planets were used only for the resources. Some of the portals opened in the upcoming decades were complete wastelands without any useful resources on them, which prompted Riftwalker guild to reconsider their formula for the future.

Year 1771 Thalassar calendar | Year 2023 Earth calendar

As Elara, Alric, Kaelen, and Vesper gathered in the guild hall, they poured over the latest calculations and adjustments for Riftwalker’s guild newest portal opening. The atmosphere was tense as they worked to ensure that everything was just right. They did not have issues with seven of the last portal opening, but the worlds were too small and the resources scarce so they were pushed to their limits in order to find a larger more rich planet to exploit.

Elara spoke up first. “I think we need to adjust the energy output a little bit more to reach the planet they instructed us to.”

Alric nodded in agreement. “Agreed. We don’t want to risk falling short again and ending up on a moon-sized planet.”

Kaelen chimed in next. “And we need to make sure that the destination coordinates are accurate. We can’t afford any mistakes, we don’t want to end up in the ocean or on top of the mountain of the new planet.”

Vesper, who had been quiet up until this point, spoke up. “I agree with all of you, but we also need to take into account the potential risks of this high energy usage, we might drain our runes quickly before we can even stabilize the portal.”

Elara nodded. “That’s a good point. We’ll need to take extra precautions to make sure we’re prepared for anything.”

Alric spoke up again. “Alright, let’s get to work then. We’ve got a lot to do before we can open this portal.”

As the four of them got to work, they knew that the success of this portal opening could mean everything for their careers in Riftwalker Guild. All four of them were still pretty inexperienced in terms of portal opening to other planets, but they were the best people available for the job. Most of the elders and more experienced enchanters and scientists moved away from the grunt work and were enjoying the fruits of their labors.

They worked tirelessly, double-checking calculations and making adjustments until they were finally ready. They got word from the Guild Master that explorers and trailblazers were ready to go, everything was set for them to start the chanting of the spells to activate the runes in order to open a new portal.

Elara, Alric, Kaelen, and Vesper stood in a circle, each of them holding a stone-rune imbued with corresponding symbols. They closed their eyes and began to chant in unison, their voices blending together into a harmonious melody.

As they chanted, the symbols on their rune-stones began to glow brighter and brighter, until they were practically pulsating with energy. The runes inscribed on the ground around them lit up, crackling with power.

Suddenly, there was a blinding flash of light, and a portal materialized before them. The air crackled with energy as the portal hummed with power, ready to transport the pioneers to their destination.

The four Riftwalkers stepped back looking at the portal, their hearts pounding with excitement and anticipation. They were successful in opening the portal with their first try wasting no additional resources and on the first glance throught the rift the planet looked beautiful.

As the Riftwalkers gazed through the portal, they were struck by the sight that met their eyes. The world beyond was lush and vibrant, with towering trees and verdant fields stretching as far as the eye could see. They could see rivers winding their way across the landscape, glittering in the sun, and mountains rising majestically in the distance. It was a world of striking natural beauty.

As the expedition to the new unknown planet got ready, they noticed something strange through the rift. The sky was a deep blue, not the pale blue they were accustomed to seeing on their own planet. And there were curious shapes in the sky, flying objects unlike any they had ever seen before. The empty field they were looking at began to fill with life forms similar to them in shape and size, and with strange big wagons that darted across the field without any animals pulling them. The Guild Master was called immediately, it would have seemed that they had stumbled upon an intelligent life form, for the first time ever.

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