The Landing
First Contact – Part 7



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Marcus didn’t sleep, but who even slept in times like these? He drove his family to his parents in the countryside, his two brothers would do the same in the upcoming days. It felt pointless because how do you even hide from Aliens that can hijack the most protected human technology in seconds and have spaceships that can travel over galaxies. But at least they would be away from heavily populated areas and humans that lost their minds immediately.

The ride to the countryside was intense, the reads were filled with the military, people were fleeing left and right, and it felt like there was no law anymore.

As soon as the Alien broadcast ended three days ago the world devolved into chaos. Governments and militaries tried to convince people that they were still in control, but it didn’t work. Martial Law was enforced, but people didn’t care. People clashed with the military and police trying to flee the cities or even worse, loot them or just cause chaos for lack of any other thing to do.

Cults worshiping those aliens arose faster than the speed of light and on the other spectrum protectors of Earth formed at various points of the earth, “Earth is only for Humans” was their motto. People turned xenophobic to Earth’s new visitors pretty fast, to no one’s surprise.

Kraz’ox were supposed to land today and finally break the silence. Since the broadcast, three days ago, there were no further words or instructions from aliens, their ships kept hovering in the skies all over the world, but no new ships came since then.

People tried to reach the ships with their drones but they got fried, the same happened to military aircraft as soon as they reached a certain distance their engines stopped and pilots were forced to eject. There were some rumors that a few countries wanted to nuke the alien ships, but luckily for humanity, nothing came of it.

Marcus tried to understand how Kraz’ox easily broke all their encryptions and protections in order to broadcast worldwide, but what he saw made no sense. It was as if they had all their passwords, knew all their code, and were present at their machines at the same time. For them, it was simple as if you wanted to cast your phone screen to your TV in your own home.

It bothered Marcus so he decided to head to Central Park, one of the places where aliens were supposed to land today according to their broadcast. Drive towards Manhattan showed that the situation went from bad to worse, most of the windows were broken, stores were looted, cars were smashed, people were still clashing with the military on several fronts, and random fires were all over the city.

Marcus ignored all of that and rode straight towards the 13th Precinct where one of his childhood friends, Joanna, was waiting for him. Joanna worked as a Detective for almost seven years now and ever since the Aliens made contact she and Marcus were in touch non-stop about everything that was happening. She worked on several cybersecurity-related cases and consulted with Marcus a lot, which rejuvenated their friendship.

They met up and switched to her police car. The park was blocked from all the sites by both military and police, she used her badge to get them past barricades.

“Anything new since last night?” She asked him.

“Nothing, I can’t make sense out of any of it…” Marcus said. “If I could at least understand a little bit of it, maybe it would have given us some understanding of them, but nothing, everything looks normal as if nothing happened.”

“Don’t beat yourself up,” She added patting him on the shoulder. “No one was ready for this.”

“What’s the word on the street, what happens if they land today?” Marcus asked her.

“I don’t know, apparently Mr. President and his delegation are going to welcome the ones that land in DC, while here in New York and other US cities military would be a welcoming party.” She replied.

“That can’t be good,” Marcus added.

“I don’t know, it’s better than letting people rush the aliens, imagine those anti-aliens welcome them with some homemade bombs angering them in the process. Maybe with the military, we could appear as if we have something under the control.”

“Makes sense, but I doubt they don’t already know that world turned into chaos, it’s not like we can hide it,” Marcus said.

As they walked inside the part they continued their conversation which turned casual, with questions about families, work before aliens, and some stories from their childhood that always made them smile.

When they reached the last circle of military check-ups, where only military higher-ups could enter, they found themselves in a decent position from which they could observe the alien spacecraft once it lands. Marcus lighted a cigarette and started looking around. Everyone faces, whether military, police, politician, or civilian said the same thing, they all hoped and prayed that Kraz’ox was telling the truth and they really came in peace and that this would rather be humanity stepping stone than their downfall.

Marcus inhaled his cigarette, a dirty pleasure that always came back with a stressful situation, and he checked his phone the screen went black, unresponsive, and then it turned to static. Instead of another Alien appearing on the screen, the static turned into a repeating message that read “We are coming down!”.

The park buzzed with military commands, the rifles were up and the tensions were even higher. Marcus and Joanna stood at their positions looking all over the sky for a sign of new ships, the one that was above New York still didn’t move. After a few minutes of looking around, a familiar loud bang could be heard again as dozens of ships enter the atmosphere over New York. These ships were smaller and looked different than the ones that were hovering in the sky for the past three days.

Three of the ships broke off and came straight to the park. As they came close their size became clearer, they were about as twice as long as a boing 747, and almost as wide, appearing to be a perfect rectangular shape. The three ships touched the ground and the military quickly formed a perimeter around them.

Minutes later tension could be cut with a knife as everyone waited for the aliens to come out. The ships finally opened at the sides and more than twenty Kraz’ox came out of each ship.

They appeared to be wearing three different sets of suits. Most of them wore full-body suits with helmets on making them unable to see their faces, most likely their military. The second larger group wore similar suits but not as bulky and they had no helmets, and two aliens from each ship wore what appeared to be simple green robes embroidered with golden details all over. The aliens looked exactly the same as they did on the broadcast and their individual faces showed almost no differences from the distance Marcus was looking.

Some General, Joanna said his name was Ford, walked towards the aliens and greeted them, but the aliens ignored his gesture and walked past him. Soldiers reacted immediately by pointing their guns at the Aliens, but before the situation could escalate a loud bang came from the west side of the park. Flames and smoke could be seen not far from their position, and both Aliens and the soldiers turned in that direction.

Marcus kept looking for the cause of the explosion and not even 30 seconds later five black army-looking vehicles came from that direction. Marcus recognized the logo on their doors, the logo that showed planet Earth in Two Hands, the anti-alien group that somehow gained insane popularity in the past three days.

The back of the vehicles was filled with masked people holding guns and rocket launchers. Soldiers shouted for them to stop and before they could fire on their own, one of the anti-alien people shot his rocket launcher directly at the Kraz’ox delegation.

Something sank in Micheal’s gut, why was he ever here, what made him come, that feeling that he needed to be here, to find some answers, but now he could die without his family, not being able to hug Emma and the kids at least one more time.

Shortly after the first rocket launcher was fired, two more followed and the rockets rushed towards the Kraz’ox, but they didn’t seem to react to the commotion at all. Marcus looked in shock as the rockets hit an invisible barrier some 10 feet before Kraz’ox and exploded sending several soldiers to the ground but Kraz’ox stayed calm.

Moments after the explosion the Kraz’ox in full body armor left the formation and sent a blast towards the anti-alien group. The blast evaporated the vehicles and people inside them leaving nothing almost nothing behind.

Soldiers stood frozen before getting a command to attack the aliens and in a matter of seconds Central Park turned into a war zone as more black vehicles including a tank rushed from the side.

Marcus and Joanne looked in disbelief, hoping this was by far the worst welcome the Kraz’ox got this day, but deep down they knew it wasn’t.

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