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  • Supers vs Aliens Short Story

    Supers vs Aliens
    Short Story

    “What is that?” Scux said. “What?” Yzux asked while calibrating the railgun. “Another battle against humans, another easy win and check to pick up,” Yzux said while humming. “No, look at the radar!” Scux raised his voice. Yzux turned his head one hundred eighty degrees and used one of his tentacles to switch the screen…

  • Super Powered Problem Unfinished

    Super Powered Problem

    When super-powered people started appearing five years ago, everyone expected them to fulfill a norm of a hero and a villain, but it didn’t quite work like that. Being a true hero meant being selfless, and helping everyone equally without any gain. Also, it meant exposing yourself and your family to constant danger. There was…

  • Chapter 5 Time Machine Disaster

    Chapter 5
    Time Machine Disaster

    “I will need to use you as bait,” I said bluntly. “Spectre will come after you tomorrow and I need to catch her because now that she is debt free from me she will never agree to a meeting again.” “As it matters,” She said sitting on the couch looking completely broken. “We are already…

  • Chapter 4 Time Machine Disaster

    Chapter 4
    Time Machine Disaster

    The Spectre getting involved meant some hide bidders had to be involved as well. She was amongst the best assassins in the world which in turn meant her services were insanely expensive. She had to ability to put her foes in a hypnotized state with her voice which rendered them slow to move and react…

  • Chapter 3 Time Machine Disaster

    Chapter 3
    Time Machine Disaster

    I froze, completely, maybe for the first time in my life, definitely the first time since I took up the mantle of being a villain. “Help me,” He muttered. “I don’t know how,” I said sincerely. The smoke seemed to ooze in and out his mouth, nose, and ears, and then suddenly it all disappeared…

  • Chapter 2 Time Machine Disaster

    Chapter 2
    Time Machine Disaster

    Flying man, giant spiders, behemoths, I’ve seen it all, but looking at myself had to be the strangest thing ever. I’ve noticed something weird in this already crazy situation. Future me was barely moving, he looked around the room like he was looking for something. A million questions danced inside my head, but I waited…

  • Chapter 1 Time Machine Disaster

    Chapter 1
    Time Machine Disaster

    Getting the time machine was no easy task. It took almost 2 years of planning and the job had to be executed perfectly. I’ve had help from 2 different Villain organizations and I had to pay a hefty price for that, both monetary and I’d be in their debts. But it wouldn’t matter once I…

  • Chapter 7 Pathetic Villain

    Chapter 7
    Pathetic Villain

    Silver Fox, by now we found out her real name was Ella, was clearly surprised and shocked by all the information she was given. “What does this have to do with me?” She said snapping out of her state. “Why do you want me with you? What is even your end goal here?” “Well, you…

  • Chapter 6 Pathetic Villain

    Chapter 6
    Pathetic Villain

    It’s been one month since we executed our plan that left The Big Guy dead and me in the charge of the biggest Villain organization in the City. The month is also what I gave his inner circle members to decide whether to join us or leave the city for good or at least that’s…

  • Chapter 5 Pathetic Villain

    Chapter 5
    Pathetic Villain

    “What do you mean no, I said there were great threats brewing on the horizon and that I would explain in due time.” He said clearly shocked by my blunt answer. “I mean no,” I said with a straight face and calm voice looking him straight eyes for the first time feeling not even a…