Supers vs Aliens
Short Story



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“What is that?” Scux said.

“What?” Yzux asked while calibrating the railgun. “Another battle against humans, another easy win and check to pick up,” Yzux said while humming.

“No, look at the radar!” Scux raised his voice.

Yzux turned his head one hundred eighty degrees and used one of his tentacles to switch the screen to radar. As soon as he did, the human armada disappeared of red triangles disappeared from the screen and only little white dots remained.

“They are running, ha ha ha,” Yzux said. “I’ve never made an easier pay, another sector cleaned in record time.”

“But what are those dots?” Scux was persistent.

“Probably their feces,” Yzux said while laughing. “It was left behind as they ran.” He continued to laugh.

“Let’s check it out just in case,” Scux was a cautious man, so he had to check it before they left the sector and collected their pay.

Twhey retracted their weapons and set a course to where human ships stood just moments ago. It took them almost fifteen minutes to reach the place, Yzux cracking jokes the whole time, he loved his job being a mercenary for hire in intergalactic wars.

Only when they came to an almost exact location did they notice fifteen figures floating in the vacuum of space.

“What the hell?” Yzux asked. “Deserters, maybe?”

“Don’t know,” Scux said. “Let’s come a little bit closer.”

Just as they were about to fire their engines once again, the figures started moving towards them. One of the figures moved much faster than the others and Scux notices something weird.

“Is that human not wearing a space suit?” Scux asked.

“What?” Yzux while fiddling with his dashboard, not even looking at the humans.

“Yea, look and he is moving insanely fast!” Scux raised his voice.

“Ok, let me see…” As soon as Yzux raised his head a figure, a human without a space suit flew below their ship. Before he could mutter another word the ship shook violently and the screens started blasting warnings.

Yzux rushed from his chair to get into his fighting mecha suit, but before he could reach it something grabbed him by one of the tentacles and he was thrown across the room. The same fate happened to his shipmate Scux. Seconds later both of them were on the floor with a menacing human figure towering above them. The human was wearing a bright blue and gold outfit, with a cape idly standing behind him in the vacuum of space.

“How,” Yzux said in shock. “How are you alive in space without a suit? What are you” Yzux said through his universal translator.

“You have fucked up big time,” The figure said. “You and your species are about to meet Earth’s mightiest heroes and its worst villains, working together for the first time in our species history.”

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