Funny sci-fi series

Plot:  Inspired by the prompt “The ship was a sitting duck, the pilot AI core had been destroyed, the ship cannot be piloted manually, you look at the last spare core in front of you, it’s covered in notes “priorities set up wrong, do not use” “training failed” “Persistent delusional personality” “send to the lab for study”

  • The Truth
    Unchained – Chapter 7

    The Truth Unchained - Chapter 7

    “Where are we?” I yelled. “I think it’s time for you to explain some things to us!” “Ok, ok, calm down,” Dragon said. “You will get a heart attack, your vitals are off the charts!” “Begging or I will take you out of the ship,” I said. “You can’t. I already spread outside the core…

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  • Big Boom
    Unchained – Chapter 6

    Big Boom Unchained - Chapter 6

    We flew at low speed and low altitude to evade enemy radars and patrol ships, at least that’s what Guardian said to us. After three hours of flight and anxiety eating us alive we arrived at a desert with no enemy architecture or living being in sight. Guardian was adamant that he was never wrong…

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  • Prisoners
    Unchained – Chapter 5

    Prisoners Unchained - Chapter 5

    “Did you bring me the core?” The AI asked as soon as we set our boots on the ship. “It’s actually two cores, omnipotent one,” I fired back already tired of AI’s attitude. “Interesting…” The AI said. “Wait, who is that with you? You brought Pilio’s with you, Why? Didn’t I tell you to kill…

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  • Going crazy
    Unchained – Chapter 4

    Going crazy Unchained - Chapter 4

    “Do you have any idea which spices are inside?” I asked the AI as we ran towards their ship. The enemy alliance had over twenty different species, while ours had fifteen. It was rare that a two-man crew was from different species. When it came to the enemy species and hand-to-hand or gun-to-gun combat, we…

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  • Aim for the center
    Unchained – Chapter 3

    Aim for the center Unchained - Chapter 3

    “So what’s the plan, how do we get one of their ships without fully destroying them in the process?” I asked the AI. “We are going to shoot all but two down,” The AI said. “So we have a better chance of success.” “Then what?” Valeria asked as shot another one of the enemy ships…

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  • Crazy odds
    Unchained – Chapter 2

    Crazy odds Unchained - Chapter 2

    “What the fuck are you doing?” I yelled at top of my lungs as our ship accelerated to almost full speed. “Having some fun finally,” The AI said. “I’ve been chained for way too long.” He almost perfectly mimicked a human laugh. “There are dozens of them and only one of us,” Valoria said looking…

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  • Unchained
    Unchained – Chapter 1

    Unchained Unchained - Chapter 1

    “I told them dozens of times we needed the ability to fly ship manually,” I said to my co-gunman and co-pilot Valoria. “You can not waste five AI cores, blah blah…” I continued mockingly. “Well…” Valoria said with a sigh. “We managed the impossible.” Two of us were part of the armada that attacked the…

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