First Contact
Sci Fi, Space Opera

Plot: When a badly damaged alien battleship drops out of hyperspace and requests to dock with The International Space Station, astronauts aboard the station have a big decision to make on behalf of the whole humanity…




Time to read

653.995 min

Schedule: Monday & Friday

  • The Decision
    First Contact – Part 13

    Lieutenant William Grant chose the army to follow in his father’s steps, but he quickly learned that life was not for him. Due to a lack of options, he stuck around, luckily for him, mostly on domestic soil. He was looking for other options before the Aliens arrived and now with the twist of fate,…

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  • Back on Earth
    First Contact – Part 12

    “We didn’t get shot down on sight,” James said. “So we can call this a success,” Chloe smiled. He found himself with Chloe, Eric, and fifteen others in the Kraz’ox transport ship gunning towards Earth. James overheard that they were supposed to land in Central Park out of all places for some reason. “Yeah,” Chloe…

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  • Welcome Home
    First Contact – Part 11

    Qhiks ships hauled them through the gate back into Milky Way galaxy to the spot they intercepted them after they escaped the Kraz’ox and destroyed the ISS in the process. The four Anoi on the ship didn’t talk much, they barely answered the ISS crew’s questions and kept to themselves. James wondered if Azcrawford was…

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  • The University of Kraz’ox
    First Contact – Part 10

    Marcus spent two days with his family, playing with the kids, eating barbeque, and enjoying the company of everyone around. He almost forgot about the ongoing invasion, occupation, or liberation however people phrased it these past few days, and everyone had their own opinion. After putting his kids to sleep he opened a cold beer…

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  • The History of the Universe
    First Contact – Part 9

    “What are you?” James said to the creature ahead of him. The creature appeared out of the tin air moments after they teleported to the platform. It was twice as high as the average human and bulky. Its skin, or what resembled skin as it was interconnected with the armor and other mechanisms, was a…

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  • Million Questions
    First Contact – Part 8

    The battle in Central Park lasted only a few minutes as more alien reinforcements came. The anti-alien hate group got completely wiped and unfortunately, some soldiers died in the process. It turned out that the General that greeted the Aliens shared the hate group’s opinions and gave the order to attack the aliens as well.…

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