First Contact
Sci Fi, Space Opera

Plot: When a badly damaged alien battleship drops out of hyperspace and requests to dock with The International Space Station, astronauts aboard the station have a big decision to make on behalf of the whole humanity…




Time to read

653.995 min

Schedule: Monday & Friday

  • Unwelcome Guests
    First Contact – Part 19

    “Get inside,” Chief Lawson yelled. “Get into the shaft.” But James stood still at the sight of the creatures that froze like they were glanced at by Medusa, still alive but unable to move. By the time James came to his senses, most of the scientists had already entered the hatch, and Chief Lawson was…

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  • What Lies Beneth
    First Contact – Part 18

    “We are under attack, I repeat we are under attack,” James yelled as he struggled to get up, something trying to drag him away. He hated training for four hours each day in the suits, but Luitenant William was relentless you had to repeat each exercise and scenario over and over again. William said that…

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  • Battle on all fronts
    First Contact – Part 17

    “We are under atta-,” James yelled over the comes, but was cut off before he could finish. “Captain, what’s going on?” Chloe yelled back, but no reply came.“Roanne what is going on, why can’t we contact them?” Chloe turned her focus towards her. “I don’t know XO, the comms are somehow down,” Roanne answered while…

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  • Ephulea III
    First Contact – Part 16

    James walked towards Youx’s cell before going to the bridge. He had more questions for him and the Alien seemed willing to answer everything he threw at him. But the alien was asleep, one of the guards said that he fell asleep not so long ago, so James let him be. He had more important…

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  • The Dream
    First Contact – Part 15

    “Sir we have been followed, it appears to be Kraz’ox scout ship,” Roanne, one of the three combat specialists on the Pegasus, said. “Target it right away, try to jam its communication towards other Kraz’oxs,” James said decisively. “Yes, sir,” Roanne answered and started playing with the hologram ahead of her. “Target locked, communications jammed,…

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  • Pegasus (Begging of part 2, Book 1)
    First Contact – Part 14

    Three years later, New International Space Station. Meng walked the hallways of the new ISS built in cooperation with Kraz’ox. The new station was more like a floating city than the old ISS that was destroyed when the Kraz’ox appeared for the first time. It could hold several thousand people and u utilized Kraz’ox gravity…

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