First Contact
Sci Fi, Space Opera

Plot: When a badly damaged alien battleship drops out of hyperspace and requests to dock with The International Space Station, astronauts aboard the station have a big decision to make on behalf of the whole humanity…




Time to read

653.995 min

Schedule: Monday & Friday

  • Epilogue – What the future holds
    First Contact – Part 25 – The End

    Marcus sat in his Manhattan office, gazing out at the spot where Kraz’ox had landed almost four years ago. Quibble, an ancient AI, had chosen Marcus to lead one of the divisions tasked with learning more about the AI and how Ellads and other ancient civilizations had used them. Quibble had only given them a…

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  • Battle for Earth
    First Contact – Part 24

    The Pegasus comms crackled to life, and Quibble’s voice sounded urgent. “On your mark, Captain.” James surveyed the radar and read the scouting vessel’s reports. He allowed Quibble to use the comms freely during the impending battle. “We wait a little bit more,” James said, his voice low and serious. “Let them fight each other.…

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  • The Crossroads
    First Contact – Part 23

    Meng had noticed another shift in Kraz’ox’s behavior a few months after the Pegasus mission began. Along with the regular crackdown on humanity, interrogations, and constant check-ups, the Kraz’ox seemed more nervous than usual, at least to Meng’s eyes. He had seen a significant increase in the number of Kraz’ox military ships entering the Solar…

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  • The Far Away
    First Contact – Part 22

    As Pegasus left the Solar System and Kraz’ox returned from the fake threat the humans instigated, things changed for the worse for humanity. As soon as Kraz’ox realized that something had left the Solar system while they were occupied with the threat and that one of their scout ships was missing on top of that,…

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  • The plan
    First Contact – part 21

    James pondered everything that happened ever since they left Earth on Pegasus. The dreams, Alien artifacts, the AI. Their mission was a success but was cut short by an unexpected threat of the Void. The Void had entered the solar system they were in and was heading straight for them. The journey to the Pegasus…

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  • Parasite
    First Contact – part 20

    “We gotta go people, hurry up.” Captain James yelled over the comms. “We have plenty of time, relax. Let them get everything I said. We will need it.” The AI, now part of his suit, said directly to James. They already had three arguments in less than five minutes. One of them is for AI…

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