Long Stories

Welcome to all long stories spanning dozen of chapters and thousands of words each. Chose you favorite genre and enjoy!

  • Citizens Exchange
    Epic Fantasy Series

    Citizens Exchange Epic Fantasy Series

    Short Synopsis: Riftwalker guilds accidentally open a rift between their planet and Earth. Two planets are at a stalemate for almost a decade before the Citizens Exchange Program is suggested by the Thalassarians.

  • Rapture


    Synopsis: After the Christian Rapture happened to everyone’s considerable shock, those left behind (and those born to them after) all had a strange, unremovable marking appear on their foreheads. It took decades to translate, but the result was horrifying; “Do not harvest, not fit for consumption.

  • Unchained
    Funny sci-fi series

    Unchained Funny sci-fi series

    Plot:  Inspired by the prompt “The ship was a sitting duck, the pilot AI core had been destroyed, the ship cannot be piloted manually, you look at the last spare core in front of you, it’s covered in notes “priorities set up wrong, do not use” “training failed” “Persistent delusional personality” “send to the lab…

  • Time Machine Disaster

    Time Machine Disaster

    Plot:  When the villain got his hands on a time machine, he figured sending someone forwards to scout the future would be smart. The report that came back was one of untold devastation and horror, with multiple genocidal wars that he didn’t want. And most of that destruction was his own fault. Schedule: Inactive

  • Pathetic Villain

    Pathetic Villain

    Plot: A villain everyone in superhero and villain world considers to be pathetic, but adores due to his charisma, is pushed to his limits… Schedule: Wednesday

  • First Contact
    Sci Fi, Space Opera

    First Contact Sci Fi, Space Opera

    Plot: When a badly damaged alien battleship drops out of hyperspace and requests to dock with The International Space Station, astronauts aboard the station have a big decision to make on behalf of the whole humanity… Schedule: Monday & Friday Start from the the first part