Depending on the “success” of this website I have various features I wish to add to it, here is a quick rundown.

My goal is to keep all the stories FREE FOREVER. I will continue posting them on Reddit as well for those who don’t wish to use the website, but it’s possible that some original stories born in the future will be only for the website as they will have images and maps and wiki included and it’s just easier for me to format it on here.

How do I plan to monetize my work? For now, only through those who wish to donate via Patreon or Paypal (once I set it). Those who donate won’t have any additional content, it will be purely to support me.

Subscription & ADs on website. I plan to make an option for subscription on the website (let’s say 1 dollar a month) after I add ADs. Those who subscribe will not see any ads, and those who don’t will be shown a few ads on the website. This way content will still be completely free, and I can earn some money to invest further into development. NOTE: It will still be free and without ads on Reddit or if you are annoyed by ads you can use an ad-blocker, etc… I won’t mind.

AudioBooks. I plan to make an audio version of each chapter by using premium speech-to-text software. Because those programs cost a decent amount and it takes quite some time to turn one chapter into audio, those audio files will be either locked behind a one-off donation, subscription, or unskippable ads.

Interactive story or Chose your adventure. This has been another one of my goals, to mo make a story where you make choices with decent consequences or where you can even die halfway through the story, or become an evil overlord or something along those lines. Games like these already exist, so I know they take a long time to make, and so this will be something to look forward to in the future.

Editors and Art. Right now I can’t afford either editor or someone to draw art for the stories, as I still earn close to nothing from this hobby. But if my stories start to earn some money, I will immediately reinvest it into an editor for each part, and someone to occasionally draw art for stories. Some stories I have in mind will require some art (like maps, scripts, monster drawings, etc.) for almost every part.

Translation. I will add the ability for readers that wish to translate parts into their own language and publish them on the website in that language in order to reach a wider audience.