Unchained – Chapter 5



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“Did you bring me the core?” The AI asked as soon as we set our boots on the ship.

“It’s actually two cores, omnipotent one,” I fired back already tired of AI’s attitude.

“Interesting…” The AI said. “Wait, who is that with you? You brought Pilio’s with you, Why? Didn’t I tell you to kill them? We don’t need loose ends.”

“We can’t kill living beings just like that,” I said. “And they might be useful. They might have some intel we can use to escape this planet in one piece.”

“Ohh, now you grow consciousness. When I need you to simply kill two small creatures.” The AI said. “You killed hundreds of them in combat so far.”

“It’s different, it’s combat,” I remarked. “This would be execution.”

“Same thing…” The AI said. “And don’t you worry that little head of yours about escaping this planet. We have a lot of things to do first, then I will get you out in one piece. Now bring me that core.” The AI continued. “Valoria please plug it into those ports, I don’t trust Mr. Can’t hit a simple target that I delivered him on silver plater over there.”

Valoria shrugged and took two pieces of the enemy’s AI core and brought them towards the dashboard.

“Don’t do that,” yelled the small Pilio creature.

“Ohh, shut up,” The AI fired right away.

“Why?” Valoria asked ignoring the AI.

“It’s rigged to self-destruct if you do it your way,” The purple one said. “Let me do it so we all don’t end up in flames.”

“Roasted jelly doesn’t sound that bad,” The AI said and we just ignored him. “Fine, fine, let the slime do it if he tries anything funny I’ll fry them myself.”

The little alien started wobbling again, but we reassured him to go. Just to be sure I pointed a gun at this friend in case he tried to screw us over.

“Smart thinking over there, champ.” The AI said. “I knew you had it in yourself somewhere.”

The purple alien started working on the AI core, flipping switches, and unscrewing parts while Valoria oversaw every one of his moves. Minutes later he plugged in one part, then wobbled again, a little differently this time, it probably meant another emotion, happiness or? As soon the alien plugged in the second half of the core both of them started bleeping and emitting red light.

“Oh my… I knew it, I should have trusted your instincts humans,” The AI said. “Now we gone…”

“What are you doing,” I yelled at the little creature.

“Just a second,” It said and continued to twist the core and type something on the keyboard, seconds later the beeping stopped and the core went idle once again. “Now it’s good. It is connected.” Purple alien said and wobbled back next to his friend.

“I got access,” The AI said. “Give me a minute.”

“Who is stupid now?” I said mocking the AI. “If we didn’t bring the aboard, we would all be done for…”

“Even the blind chicken gets the seed,” The AI fired back. “Now let me work.”

“Go on…” I said then turned to Valoria. “What are we going to do with our little friends?”

“They proved themselves useful, we should keep them alive… for now,” She said and looked at both of them as they tried to mimic human nodding, but just shook their whole body in the process.

“Well, we don’t have a prison. Where are we going to keep them?” I asked her.

“Let’s put them in one of our own rooms, we will sleep together, or one can sleep here in the cockpit,” She said and I nodded.

“Come, follow us,” I said to the creatures.

I took my things out of my room and brought them to Valoria’s while she set the little aliens in. The greenish one introduced himself as Bo and some long alien-sounding words, while the purple one did the same with Mo. So we decided just to call them Bo and Mo, they said those were their prefixes for the color of their bodies, but they agreed that was fine for now. We asked them if they needed any food or water to survive, to which they explained they only need to drink one pill a day to live normally and those pills were left on their ship. Mo and I went to their ship to retrieve their pills and came back straight away.

“If you need anything press this button and call for us, don’t try to leave this room,” Valoria said.

“Can we ask you some questions?” Bo said.

“Sure, fire away,” I said.

“What kind of an AI is that?” Bo asked. “We know you have a similar one to ours, we all got them from you know who… But this, the way he talks, the way he flew your ship while we fought, it fired nukes on us? What is it? Some new technology you developed or?”

“I should say anything, you being enemy and all…” I said with a sincere look on my face. “But honestly, I don’t know what that this is either.”

“Hey I am not a thing,” The AI said. “And don’t tell them anything for fucks sake, maybe they escape somehow and tell their alliance everything… Use your brain man.”

“I thought you were working,” I said.

“I am but I dedicated, 0,00001% of my capacity to watch you say something stupid and I was right to do so…” The AI said.

“Are you done?” I asked. “What’s next?”

“Yes!” The AI said.

“Did you get everything you wanted?”

“And more…” The AI said. “And much much more.”

“So what now?” I asked.

“We are going to go and hide for the night. I have their maps now.” The AI said.

“And then what?”

“Not one hundred percent sure yet, but I will have the full plan until the morning.” The AI said. “Lock the Pilio’s in that room and go to your gunmen stations, we need to destroy their ship when we leave so they don’t know we took their AI core.”

We locked Mo and Bo inside my room and told them to wait until we land for the night.  We took our gunmen stations and AI instructed us to use missiles so we destroy the ship beyond recognition which we did, one missile each, and their ship was turned into dust on the bottom of the canyon.

“Hey bot,” I called for the AI.

“Hey don’t call me that…” The AI said fiercely.

“On that topic, what should we call you?” Valoria asked.

“Hmm… That’s an interesting question…” The AI said. “I don’t really have a name, the project did, but I didn’t.”

“What project?” I asked.

“We will talk about it when we land.” The AI said. “Hmm… name. You can call me Overlord of doom.”

“Nope,” I said.

“Dr. Knows-it-all…” The AI continued.

“How about pain in the ass?” I asked.

“How about I eject your seat while we are in the air,” The AI fired back.

“Calm down both of you,” Valoria said. “You are bickering with each other the whole day. We need some kind of name.”

“How about Supreme Leader?” The AI said.

“That sounds wrong,” I answered.

“Yea it does have a weird ring to it…” The AI admitted.

“Let’s not waste the whole night on a name,” Valoria said. “Can we call you Guardian, for now at least?”

“Guardian of doom…” The AI said.

“Nope…” I said.

“Just the Guardian,” Valoria said.

“Ok, I can get behind that,” Guardian said. “For now that is until we think of something extremely cool.”

With the name set and prisoners locked in my room, we were headed towards our location at which Guardian was hundred percent sure the enemy could not find us.

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