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“We were passive for way too long, you lulled us into a false sense of security ever since we came here! So we are going after the loot and that’s not up for a discussion!” Philip said visibly frustrated, which was out of character for him.

Milla noticed the atmosphere in the room was tense before the council even began, this was boiling in Phillip for quite some time. And who could blame him after everything he and his crew have done, he was supposed to listen to these opportunists who saw frightened men, women, and children and used their fear to gain some form of power. They liked their titles which they threw around like they meant something in this crazy new world. And they had the power for some time before Phillip, Elicia, Viktor and the rest of them arrived.

Milla wasn’t a part of their original crew that saved their asses a year and a half ago, she almost lost her sister and father, and well to be realistic they all would have died if they showed half an hour later. That’s one of the reasons she was on their side ever since that surprisingly hot day in December when the battle took place. Getting to know them only reassured her original thoughts, these guys and girls had somewhat of a plan and they didn’t care only about their own asses. Ever since then she began combat training and was pretty prolific with a bow right now both in distance and close combat.

“I agree with him, let’s put this to vote,” Milla stood up and gave Phillip a reassuring look.

“We can vote, but it won’t change an outcome, we are going towards that ship when the radiation clears in 3 days,” Phillip didn’t even notice her glance, he was frustrated and focused, like in battle.

“You will leave us exposed here,” Theis said.

Theis and his friends, many of whom have died in the last three years since Milla came here, founded this sanctuary in the Austrian village of Hallstatt, which they renamed New Hope. Milla found the name unoriginal, but the name had already caught up by the time she arrived. The village was surrounded by a lake and huge mountains all around with only two entrances that were easy to guard. It was a natural stronghold, something that was in huge demand in the past five years. Theis named himself a leader when he brought the original hundred people back then and no one objected as he did provide them shelter and some form of security, but he had more luck not to be in the crosshairs of anyone for so long. As he welcomed more people he only gained more power to the point where he and his entourage became consumed by it, they were not challenged by anyone at the time. So when the battle happened and they saved them, the balance was disrupted.

Milla was just a kid back then, well frankly she was still a kid, only a few months after her 17th birthday had passed, but no one had time to be a child anymore, you had to fight in order to survive.

The council eventually decided to put things to vote and Milla alongside several other people was asked to leave, she wasn’t a council member she just came with Philip, Elicia, and Simon. They gave them three spots out of fifteen in the council.

She walked down the dimly lit hallway, the only source of light were several torches on the walls.

Living without any form of electricity was immensely thought at the beginning, humanity became overly dependent on it without even realizing what they used electricity for. From obvious things, light, heating, and cooling to the point where most of their cars and other appliances couldn’t work without it. When the whole world was left without it five years ago, too many died out things that could have been easily avoided. She didn’t remember, but her Mother told her how one of her cousins that was only a year older than her and had diabetes died due to the lack of insulin. Insulin production stopped and to preserve remaining you needed to have fridges but with no form of electricity left it was impossible. All the insulin they had went bad and people fought for the remaining insulin, unfortunately, they couldn’t find any in time and she passed.

Her eyes got used to the dark, yes the hallway and the streets were lit by some torches, and the most important places were lit by the Emeridious or Ametrindor, but those stone’s gemstones were too valuable to be wasted purely on the light.

As she left the building she stumbled onto Andreas, the group’s de facto leader even though he thoroughly denied having that role every time it was brought up.

“What’s going on inside kid?” Andreas asked.

He was in his late twenties and at first glance, you wouldn’t have guessed he was a part of the apocalypse. He kept his beard shortly trimmed and his hair short at the sides and long a slicked back at the top was almost always in the perfect shape. He was wearing battle armor, he rarely walked without it, with his huge axe-like weapon strapped at the back.

“They are going to vote now, but Phillip is unusually angry,” Milla answered.

“Told them they shouldn’t even go to that meeting, we are going to go no matter what they decide,” He said with his usual confidence.

Before Milla could continue the conversations, three blue flairs were fired from the south watch tower. They were under attack. They looked at each other and started running towards the south entrance. For good measure, Andreas fired another flair, and a few others followed from the various points of the village, everyone should have seen the signal by now.

The blue flair meant they were not attacked by the Algrads or other hostile humans, red flairs were reserved for the aliens, if it was hostile Humans it would have been the orange one and the green one would mean they had human visitors with unknown motives.

Two of them ran towards the south entrance picking up several guards along the way. Milla didn’t bring her bow to the meeting so she was running weaponless. Luckily, her house was along the way and she picked the bow without losing much time. This was on her inexperience, “I won’t head the end of it from Philip,” she thought to herself catching up to Andreas who now had a dozen guards running beside him.

By the time they arrived at the south entrance, a small crowd has already gathered, including nine members of their original team. Their swords, axes, spears, clubs, and bows illuminating the crowd and the entrance with various colors provided by their glowing gemstones.

“What is?” Yelled towards the guard tower.

“It’s a pack of Vukclaws, seven or eight of them,” The guard, Milla recognized him as Emil a lanky fellow who always had a smile on his face, yelled back.

Andreas turned towards his team and the guards.

“How many of us are here?” He quickly counted members of his team. “Nine if we include Milla, are you ready to go?” Andreas asked her and Milla nodded.

“We won’t need you if it’s seven or eight them, but be on the stand-by if things escalate,” Andreas said to the Guards. “And one of you go get Phillip, Elicia, and Viktor from the meeting and the rest of our team if you can find them. Tell them about the situation, they will know what to do.”

“Got it,” One of the guards said and ran back towards the building the meeting was happening in.

Five years ago a best like Vukclaw would top of the food chain, probably one of the strongest predators on the planet, but these days that wasn’t the case. They were still dangerous to an ordinary human, if a person found themselves eye to eye with one of the beasts without any Algrads weapons or a gun with a high caliber, that would be the end of them.

Vukclaws were similar to wolfs in both build and mentality. Their packs on average had seven members with one of them being alpha. But the beasts were much larger than wolfs almost three times their length and height, sometimes even as long as five meters. Similar to wolves they had fur, but the fur was longer and mostly black with ruddy lines over their massive back. Their skin was thick and could repel smaller caliber weapons, as well as ordinary swords and bows, that is if you even got a chance to hit them as they were very agile for their size.

The beasts were aggressive and their main source of food was raw meat, hence their reason for the attack, they were after the cattle and other animals in front of the New Hope gates. At first, they had most of the cattle and other animals inside the village, but as their population grew, now counting above four thousand, they had to move large parts outside of the secure area that was surrounded by the mountains.

Andreas took the enormous axe from his back and activated his gemstone, his axe was powered by the Ametrindor which gave a violet glow. He knew that if they wanted to minimize losses to cattle and structures in front of the sanctuary they had to react right away. He would prefer to have more of his team with him, but nine of them could do the job without much risk, one for each Vukclaw, with their weapons it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

They charged thru the tunnel beneath the mountain that used to be one of the entrances to this tourist attraction back in the days before all hell broke loose and ordered the guards to close the gates behind them.

“Stay close to me kid,” He gave Milla direct order, and others already knew what they had to do, each of them already killed dozens of Vukclaws in the past five years, but this would be Milla’s only third time in a real fight and first time against these beasts. The other two times the threat was smaller and she was more a spectator than a fighter.

Once they ran out of the tunnel they saw the Vucklaws, there were seven of them at first glance, and four of them already ran towards the cows breaking the wooden fence, and the rest of them ran to the left side towards the sheep.

“Milla and three of you right with me, rest go left.” He shouted and jumped over the fence rest of them following.

Milla kept the distance of several meters behind Andreas with her bow activated and ready to fire. Mateus, Uma, and Cade were with them and each of them engaged the first Vukclaw they encountered. These were not that big, most likely still young, the largest one barely double the wolf’s size, no more than three meters long. Andreas ran towards the improvised stable they built in a rush only to protect cows from heavy snow during the winter, looking for the alpha beast and Milla followed close behind.

The alpha was already inside and managed to kill several cows before they caught up to him. It was much larger than the ones outside with a large scar and chunk of fur missing on his back.

The beast noticed them and turned towards them. Without a second of hesitation, the best charged Andreas was standing in front of Milla. Andreas swung his axe with both hands as the best lept towards him. He only managed to graze him as best anticipated the hit and jumped slightly to the side. The beast used its massive tail to hit Andreas below the knees making him lose his balance and he ended up on his back. The beast turned back towards him ready to charge him while he was on the floor but Milla’s training kicked in and she charged her bow drawing the energy from her gemstone which made a blue arrow out of thin air, her bow used Sapphirion, a process that always put a smile on her face. She released the string and the arrow flew directly at the beast who tried to dodge it, but its reaction was too late and the arrow hit it in the black left leg. The blood sprouted out of the wound and the best made a loud unnatural sound and turned towards the Milla with a bloodlust look in its eyes.

The shot wounded him, but the beast was still on his feet and it moved with a noticeable limp. Milla drew another arrow firing it at the best head, but this time the best was ready and used its three healthy legs to jump to the side using the wall as a stepping stone, and launched itself towards Milla. Milla tried to charge her bow again but before the arrow formed beast was already on top of her. Hitting the ground hard pushed all of the air out her lungs as she found herself face to face with an alpha Vukclaw. Its sharp teeth were only centimeters from her and its mouth opened just enough to take her life in one bite.

Before the beast could make its move it got tossed to the wall like it got hit by a truck. Andreas was standing next to her with his hand towards her helping her up. His axe was gone and as Milla caught her breath and looked around she noticed it was stuck in the Vukclaws side. The best twitched and made its unnatural sounds as Andreas walked towards it pulling the axe out and swinging it back down chopping the beast’s head in one swift motion. He made it look effortless, yes having Algrads weapons helped but you still needed to have the strength and technique to execute it this perfectly.

“This was a sloppy one,” He said as he slicked his hair back into a perfect form.

“It was fun,” Milla answered.

“Almost getting eaten by a Vukclaw is your idea of fun, kid?” Andreas asked her.

“Well, not that part, thanks for saving me,”

“You saved me first, so we are even,” He smiled and walked out of the stable thru the hole in the wall that was made by the Vukclaw.

The situation outside was under control, all six remaining Vukclaws were already taken care of and their heads chopped off. Philip, Elicia, Simon, and the rest of the team managed to arrive to at the scene by the time Andreas and Milla disposed of the alpha Vukclaw.

“How did the kid do, was she afraid?” Phillip asked Andreas as he pushed Milla on the shoulder.

“She saved my ass, actually,” Andreas answered. “Gather all Vukclaws heads and bring them inside and get someone to fix this fence while we are still outside so the cattle don’t escape during the night.”

Vukclaws and most of the other bests that came from Algrad had gemstones growing as tumors latched to their brains. It wasn’t the rule but most of the time bigger and older the beast the bigger gemstone was found inside. These seven beasts would provide them backup gemstones for their weapons, in perfect time for their planned action in three days.

“So what happened at the vote?” Andreas asked Philip as they walked back inside the New Hope.

“Surprisingly, Theis got outvoted nine to six, so we are clear to go from the council’s point of view as well,” Philip answered.

“Well, that’s an unexpected turn,” Andreas said. “Good that they finally realize we can’t just stay inside and ignore the rest of the world forever.”

As they entered the village two horses carrying and pulling a trailer passed them. Micha waved to them from the trailer as he went by on his way to pick up the Vukclaw heads and bring them inside.

Andreas went back to his house, which he shared with seven members of the team due to overcrowding, to take a shower and Philip went on towards the armory where the Vukclaws heads will be delivered for the process of gemstone removal which was done by Viktor who at the time of the invasion was at a medical school learning to be a surgeon.


5 years ago, in Berlin, Germany.

Andreas woke with a headache and dry throat. It was his last day in Berlin as his visit came to an end. He wanted to spend a quiet night watching some movies, but Philip insisted they go out for one drink. He resisted Philip’s idea a few times, but Philip knew to be very persuasive so eventually, they went out for that one drink. When two of them were involved one drink always turned into two, which quickly became four, and who goes home after four drinks was their saying.

He went to wake up Philip in the next room so they can go and eat something before his flight home. As usual, it took Philip more than half an hour to get out of his bed and another twenty minutes to get ready.

“I called Mateus, Emil, and Peanut they will meet with us down at the kebab place,” Philip said his voice raspy from the night out.

“Fine, let’s finally go,” Andreas said.

The kebab place was a few blocks away and they each picked up a can of energy drink on the way. It took them a few more minutes than usual to arrive due to their hungover walk.

“Here come the party bros,” Peanut said as they walked in.

Peanut got his nickname partly due to his short stature, and mostly because of his idea that he was allergic to peanuts but regularly eat chocolate bars that had peanuts in them. He insisted he was deadly allergic to peanuts but once they were wrapped in chocolate the allergy was negated, so someone years ago said he was smart as Peanut, and the nickname stuck.

“Don’t squeak before we eat, please,” Philip said

They exchanged handshakes, ordered kebabs, and summarized their week concluding with the crazy last night. Once their stomachs were full they went back to Philip’s place to help Andreas pack and they all would go with him to the airport.

Once they arrived at the apartment, no one actually helped him pack as Andreas already suspected. Luckily he only brought a small suitcase and borrowed most of the stuff from Philip. Andreas needed this week off to get his mind in the right place, once he gets back home he will have to finally graduate and his internship at the bank was waiting. He only recently admitted to himself that he completely missed a mark when choosing his career, but what was done was done, for now, he needed to get some work habits, stop the partying and start acting at least semi-grown up.

“Guys come here, check this out,” Peanut from the couch browsing his phone.

“What is it?” Philip yelled from the kitchen, Mateus only shrugged and Andreas was too lazy to even ask.

“There is a post on Reddit trending, someone pasted a picture on r/space subreddit of Saturn taken by their telescope with what appears like a spaceship around it,” Peanut said.

“Yea right, Aliens is what we need after the pandemic, wars, and other global crisis,” Mateus said.

“Why do people even upvote that photoshopped shit, they only add fuel to conspiracy theorists?” Philip asked.

“Apparently it’s not photoshopped, few other people are posting their photos in the comments all showing similar images,” Peanut said and shared his screen to TV.

The image appeared on the big screen showing a blurry picture of Saturn and several tiny objects near its rings. Peanut scrolled through comments opening several more images showing similar things.

“It’s probably Saturn moons or some shit man,” Emil said. “With deepfakes, photoshop, and other editing software I don’t believe anything I see on the internet anymore.”

“True that,” Philip said.

“Yea, we don’t have time for that, let’s get my stuff to the car and go. I wanna get early there and we can sit at the coffee shop if we have some spare time.” Andreas said.

They left the apartment and packed the car, Mateus drove Golf as a true German immigrant. They barely all fit in the car and went on their way, the drive to the airport with normal Berlin traffic would take around half-hour.

“What’s up all the police around the city?” Philip asked.

“Probably some political gathering, or a protest, everyone is protesting everything these days,” Mateus answered.

It took them a bit longer to arrive at the airport with all the police and even some military vehicles around the city, but they still had some spare time to sit for a coffee before boarding starts.

“Bild is reporting on the Saturn images,” Peanut said. “They are saying the pictures have been authenticated and that they are not fake, but that they still don’t know what it is.”

“Leave the phone for a minute man, let’s talk a bit more before I leave, God knows when I will be able to visit again,” Andreas said.

“Fine, fine,” Peanut answered.

They each ordered espressos and Andreas went to the store across the coffee shop the buy a pack of Cigarettes. A dirty habit he was quitting for almost two years now, but in reality, he didn’t miss a day without smoking at least a few. Andreas lit the cigarette and inhaled his first smoke of the day on the way back to the Coffee shop that was part of the Airport. Going back he noticed the huge crowd of people gathering in front of the entrance to the airport some murmuring, some yelling, and a few police cars arrived at the scene already.

“What is that about?” Andreas asked the boys.

“You didn’t check your phone?” Philip said.

“No, why?”

“All of today’s flights have been delayed until tomorrow,” Philip answered.

“What, why?” Andreas asked.

“They said there is a security risk of some kind, but that’s all for now, more will be known later,” Philip said.

“Fuck my luck,” Andreas said with a frustrated tone.

Mateus suggested that they leave right away to avoid a total traffic collapse with all the people leaving right now. On the way back they noticed even more police vehicles and military presence across the town, something weird was definantely happening. They got some beers on the way back and went back to Philips apartment there was a game on later tonight.

Andreas had to admit to himself, he felt a little bit relieved, he had one more day free of the obligations that were waiting for him at home, one more day to let his mind wander and relax. He opened a cold beer and laid back in the massage chair that Philip conveniently found next to the dumpster some months ago.

“Eee, guys,” Peanut yelled scrolling through his phone once again. “They deleted that Reddit post, it had over 90k likes. Let me check,” He murmured to himself. “The Bild deleted their article as well.”

“Probably proven fake by now,” Andreas said. “Is there any information on the airport and the flights?”

“Nothing yet, it only says that all of the flights have been delayed until tomorrow and that more will be known either tonight or early in the morning.” Peanut answered.

Andreas nodded and went onto the balcony to light one more cigarette to go along with his cold beer. They spend the rest of the day playing some PlayStation, watching football, and enjoying each other’s company. Mateus, Piglet, and Emil left sometime before midnight, and they made an agreement on breakfast in the morning and the airport again, the same schedule on a different day.

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