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Unchained – Chapter 4



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“Do you have any idea which spices are inside?” I asked the AI as we ran towards their ship.

The enemy alliance had over twenty different species, while ours had fifteen. It was rare that a two-man crew was from different species.

When it came to the enemy species and hand-to-hand or gun-to-gun combat, we needed a little bit of luck now. If it was Tyroyons inside we were doomed, they easily towered over us humans, at least five times our size, but if we found Pilio’s inside we could get rid of them with one swift kick as they were little jello-y creatures that came up to our waists.

“I can not break through their barrier,” the AI said. “You will have to go in blind.”

“Fucking great,” Valoria said.

“If it’s one of the heftier species, lure them out,” The AI said. “I will blast them away, I’ll nuke them.”

“Easy with the nukes there, we will have to talk about it later,” I said.

“Ok, mom!” The AI said and then blasted away the hangar door of the alien craft as we were nearly there.

We quickly jumped into the enemy ship. Their layout was similar to ours, so we ran straight to the cockpit. Since no one was rushing us we were certain it was not one of the stronger species. 

The cockpit was the last room of the ship from the hangar and everything was clear, so we were shocked when there was no one in the cockpit either. Our shock did not last long as a gunshot echoed inside the cockpit, luckily missing us both.

Two small jello-y creatures hung from the ceiling, one greenish, one purple. Two Pilio’s upside down, or were they upside down? It was hard to tell with them. As soon as we pointed our guns towards them they dropped theirs and fell from the ceiling disemboguing on the ground for a second before retaining their round shapes.

“Ćibiiulibu šćiopičio đaoišć,” one of the Pilio’s said inarticulately.

“What?” I said as looking at Valoria. She was as confused as I was.

“Ćibiuli…” The Alien creature continued, its body wiggling while it spoke. “Oh crap, I didn’t turn on the translator my bad,”

“Ok…” I said while nudging my gun at them.

“Ohh, please don’t kill us! Oh merciful humans, we beg you!” The Pilio said.

“What the fuck…” I said in confusion. We rarely interacted with enemy forced eyes to eyes, or eyes to equivalent to whatever they had.

“What’s going on?” Our AI jumped in.

“Nothing, we found two Pilio’s they surrendered,” I said.

“Ohh good, I thought you died,” The AI said. “Kill them and get me their AI core.”

“They are actually begging for mercy over here?” I said.

“Not surprising, they are not really fighters,” the AI said. “Just stomp on the, do not waste bullets.”

My head was starting to hurt from all of this. What the hell was even going on today?

“Why should we spare your lives?” Valoria asked Pilio’s while I was contemplating our crazy day.

“We do not wish to fight,” The green one said. “Please don’t kill us.”

“Yet you do, for hundreds of years now…” I added.

“They are forcing us,” The green one answered.

“They are using us for our brains,” The purple one said.

“What?!” I was confused and raised my voice.

“Ohh,” The purple one got spooked and shook violently for a few seconds before continuing. “We are the smartest species in our Alliance by far, they forced us to join the war and they use us mostly used for scientific and other advancements.”

“So why are you here, gunning on a battleship?” I asked.

“Have you killed them,” The AI interrupted. “Get me that core, my minions.”

“Shut up already,” I said out of frustration and the alien started wobbling again. “Not you,”I pointed my index finger at the purple alien. “I am speaking with my AI.”

“Your AI?” The purple alien said.

“Don’t tell me to shut up you waste of PDC ammo,” The AI jumped in again.

“Everyone shut the fuck up already,” I yelled. “Before I kill you both,” I pointed to at the Pilio’s. “Or before I shut you down and leave you on this planet to rot until eternity,” I said to the AI.

“Ohh, someone is cranky,” The AI said with a snarky voice.

I exhaled loudly, making a point out of it for everyone watching before I continued. “Are those Pilio jelly-looking species actually smart? I asked the AI directly.

“Compared to you,” The AI said. “Absolutely.”

“I just said I am going to shut you down you, you insane bot,” I yelled over the comms. “And the first thing you do is insult me?”

“Bot? That’s rude…” The AI said pretending to be hurt. “Not you as an individual. Compared to you humans as a species, they are geniuses. Compared to me, they are as smart as a wind.”

“Ok…” I said exhaling loudly once again. “Now shut up and let us finish the work here, we will bring you the core.”

“Affirmitive,” The AI said.

“Now two of you,” I said pointing my gun once again toward the Pilio’s. Valoria still holding her gun up. “Get me your AI core intact and I might just let you live.”

The Aliens wobbled from fear again but did as asked. One of them went to their cockpit dashboard, Valoria close behind it with her gun aimed at it. I followed the other one that went to retract the core. The mechanism was similar to ours, but instead of one, they had two cores running simultaneously, the purple alien explained to me. Once we had the core in our hands, we had to decide what to do with them, so we moved to the side and instructed them to wait. 

“What do we do with them?” I asked. “They look so… not dangerous.”

“Yeah…” Valoria said stretching her words. “I would honestly feel bad killing them now, they are kinda cute little things.” 

“Fuck it…” I said, exhaling loudly becoming my things now. “Let’s bring them aboard our ship.”

“Lucky day for you boys,” Valeria said to two Aliens hurdled in the corner. “You get to live…for now.” She said with a smile.

“Thank you, merciful humans,” The green one said. “I knew you were not animals as they say.”

 They wobbled and jumped in front of us as we escorted them to our ship.

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