Crazy odds
Unchained – Chapter 2



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“What the fuck are you doing?” I yelled at top of my lungs as our ship accelerated to almost full speed.

“Having some fun finally,” The AI said. “I’ve been chained for way too long.” He almost perfectly mimicked a human laugh.

“There are dozens of them and only one of us,” Valoria said looking at me, horror washing over her face as we speed towards our certain doom.

“Yeah, I know,” The AI said. “It won’t be a fair fight…” He stopped for a second. “For them, Ha ha ha,” It continued with an almost comically evil laugh.

“What are you on about,” I said with a frustrated tone. “Their ships have AIs as well, almost identical ones. The difference is in gunmen, and we are good, but not that good.” I said looking at Valoria, she just shrugged. Her face told me she accepted our impending doom.

Both sides had advanced AIs, but both sides AIs were forbidden from using weapons, the reason being something that happened way before we humans joined this conflict. It was a well-kept secret, only a handful of humans knew. We could only guess that some AIs went rogue or used weapons of mass destruction, as good of a guess as any.

We tried piloting against AIs in simulations and we were nowhere close to their skill. The group of most skilled humans could barely take out AI on a five vs one fight, their flying was almost perfect. Yes, we could give them some input, we chose destinations when we were not in combat, but when it was a pure fight, AI had one hundred percent control of the ship we were just there to fire the weapons.

“Don’t you worry my little gunmen and gunwomen,” The AI laughed again? “I can use weapons on my own,” It continued.

A few seconds later the AI fired three out of five nuclear torpedos straight at the enemy. Valeria and I were in pure shock, those weapons were more for a show, rarely used in modern warfare.

“What the fuck was that,” I said. “They said they don’t want this planet destroyed, what are you doing?”

“Ohh, we won’t destroy it,” AI said. “Maybe just damage it a little bit here and there, Ha ha ha,” AI laughed again.

“Fucking hell, this AI is insane,” Valeria said and I just nodded as nuclear torpedoes flew toward the enemy.

“My little friends, I will need you on the PDCs (point defense cannons), I can not fire those effectively yet.” The AI said.

We did not really have much choice so we took calibrated our seats towards the PDC station on each side of the ship. Our helmets showed allowed us to see the ship in a three-sixty view when needed.

“Close your eyes,” The AI said. “Or blacken your visors, this is going to get bright.”

Moments later he redirected two torpedos to the sides making a trident formation out of nuclear weapons. Some of the enemy ships split from the formation, and AI imidiately detonated all three of the nuclear weapons before they even reached the enemy.

The AI dipped our ship way below the enemy as they scrambled around confused by the early detonation. He brought us behind them in a matter of seconds and we easily destroyed four of their ships with our PDCs before they could even react.

“Wow, what the hell was that?” I asked with a smug smile on my face.

“Master-plan my minions, master-plan,” The AI said. “Get ready for round two.”

The enemy regrouped and went after us, but our ship was now somehow way faster than theirs. Our AI kept running laps around them with ease, giving Valoria and me kill on a platter. They fired at us with everything they had but no weapon of theirs came even close to hitting us.

“We need to shoot one of theirs down without damaging their AI core,” The AI said.

“Wait what, why?” I said this AI surprised me with each new sentence he said.

“I wanna learn a little bit more about our enemies,” The AI said. “And for that, I need an intact AI core. Do you want to win this war easily or not?”

“Fine,” I said like we had any other choice stranded on an alien planet alone against their whole army and with an insane AI.

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