Chapter 7
Pathetic Villain



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Silver Fox, by now we found out her real name was Ella, was clearly surprised and shocked by all the information she was given.

“What does this have to do with me?” She said snapping out of her state. “Why do you want me with you? What is even your end goal here?”

“Well, you see, I know about the Big Guys safe and I know for a fact that you are the only other person besides him that knows the location. My plans were rushed once he found about Zaia and honestly I was overwhelmed that my powers were relesead so I killed him before I got that information. But I knew you had the location as well, now I want you to tell me that location, but I also want you to join us because you are brilliant and capable person who can help us put some sense into this crazy world.”

“What are you talking about?” She was cleary taken a back by the fact that I knew about the safe. “What safe?”

“Don’t play dumb now, the old guy told me about it and I did some research and diggining these past few years, so I know that it exists, I know what it contains and I know that you know the location, so…”

“Fucking hell.” She sighted. “You, you are either cleary insane or I am missing something big still.”

“Might be,” I said. “I am going to tell you the rest and you decide.”

She fell back to her chair and nodded.

“See, they had a plan to literally try and take over the world with the help of the rest of powered people, but they first needed to put themselves ahead of the rest in terms of power and popularity.” I continued. “Can you guess who were my parents?”

“I honestly have no idea.” She said calmly.

“Well, it my mother was Captain Hope and my Father was Shield of Justice.” I said grimmacing on the mere mention of their names.

“What? Do you have some proof for this claim?” She said and I played the part of the clip where Flight Supreme said that.

“I also couldn’t believe him so I made some DNA tests, their DNA isn’t secret they would often leave bodily fluids on the scenes and it’s a 100% match.” I said as I gave her the pappers.

“Holy shit.” She sais staring at the paper. “You are the son of two most famous heros…”

“Heroes… Yeah, right…” I added.

She was lost for words now.

“So you don’t remember them at all? They died when you were what? four years old?” She asked looking up from the paper.

“Well that’s the thing, they are not dead, they vanished into thin air.”

“Vanished? You have lost me again…” She said.

“You see, my parents, The Big Guy, and the rest of them had a genius idea of trying to open a portal to another dimension where they believed some of the monsters that we have on this planet came from. Let the Supreme Flight explain it from his point of view.” I continued the video once again.

“We made another scenario, the biggest one yet that would assure we have constant threats all the time so people would depend on us and need us constantly.” The Flight Supreme was talking. “You can’t remember it you were only four at the time Isaac, but you like everyone else have probably read about it, the movies have been made about it, the day of the Rift opening.” I stopped the video.

“They had something to do with the rift opening as well?” Silver Fox asked.

“Well, you see, The Switcher had similar powers like mine, and they believed that him using his powers to open portals is what brought Nagermors and other unearthly beasts in. They wanted to open that portal to another dimension for good. So they caught The Switcher and experimented on him, made him use his powers to his fullest extent killing him in the process, but with what they observed they were able to create a weapon, a portal cannon as they called it, which could open that rift.”

She was in pure shock, this wasn’t what history has said, this isn’t what movies have shown or books have written about. They wrote about the heroic efforts of several hero teams and villains teaming up to close a rift that opened out of nowhere and how several heroes, including my parents, have sacrificed themself in order to close it and stop the threat.

“But it backfired,” I continued. “Their calculations were off and instead of a two-way portal, they opened a rift that started sucking out the life out of this planet. My parents and the others that they say died that day were sucked into that dimension before they could turn off that gun.”

“That can’t be true.” She said, but I continued the video, and Flight Supreme confirmed what I just said showing some pictures and short videos as proof.

“See, the Big Guy has part of that gun, and The hero of all heroes, Captain Freedom has the other.”

“He was in on that as well?” She asked.

“Almost all of them were and I want to expose them all to the world, to show what frauds they all were and have they had no regard for others and how easily they sacrificed their own let alone humans to achieve their goals,” I said. “So that’s why I need you to join me, and take me to the Big Guys safe, we need to find that gun and other things that could be used as evidence. And then we are going to go after Captain Freedom and their Righteous League and we are going to take them down.”

She nodded, clearly still taking things in, this was a lot, I know how I felt and reacted the first time I found out the truth.

“Alright, I am in, let’s go.” She said and easily removed the cuffs that were supposed to be unbreakable.

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