Chapter 6
Pathetic Villain



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It’s been one month since we executed our plan that left The Big Guy dead and me in the charge of the biggest Villain organization in the City. The month is also what I gave his inner circle members to decide whether to join us or leave the city for good or at least that’s what we told them, some of them were just a little bit too dangerous and diabolical and would have to be dealt with in another way.

I really hoped Silver Fox would come around. She wasn’t among the most powerful individuals purely based on her abilities, but she had her connections, she was crafty and smart, and would definantely be a great addition to the team. But The Big Guy was like a father to her, he pulled her out of the street and gave her everything she needed to succeed, so she just couldn’t look at things in a realistic way.

I didn’t tell her the whole truth, I wanted her to come to her own conclusions because if I did and she still declined and we let her leave the city, I was afraid she would eventually regroup and come after us, which wouldn’t be ideal. So I made a decision, I would let her in on most of the things, to truly show her how diabolical and fucked up they were, and if she still declined, well, she would have to be dealt with in another way, imprisonment for life or worse.

We held our so-called prisoners down in a hangar where they already had cells that could hold super-powered individuals, but still some of them, like Zap, had to be in an induced coma-like state due to their powers.

I made my way down there, people greeting me left and right, there was still fear in most of their eyes, but I tried to get it out of them. I wasn’t a new Big Guy, I didn’t want to rule by fear or anything like that, I didn’t want to rule at all, I just wanted to make things right and push this City and the rest of the world in the right direction. We changed most of the Guards and other important staff members with the people we trusted and acquired during our years of preparation.

I went straight to her cell and order the guards to open it and remove her cuffs. One of the guards was hesitant for a second, they were scared of her, and it wasn’t for no reason, she was Brutal. She rarely killed her opponent, but mostly left them with a huge hospital bill and the long road to full recovery.

I told her to follow me, the roles turned from a month ago, and I led her up to the office, where I redecorated to my own comfort. I expected her to try and attack me while we walked, it was in her nature. And so she did, as we were completely alone walking from the lounge towards the elevator to the office, she pulled out one small strand of her peppery hair and it instantly turned into a solid object resembling an icicle in its shape, but remained the color of her hair.

As we expected her to attack, we had people watching every camera as we walked toward the office and we had Zaia feeding me information, and as soon she plucked her hair I was ready. She threw the icicle in my direction and I teleported behind her, grabbed her by the shoulders, teleported directly to my office, and cuffed her before she managed to react, she was surprised by both my reaction time and powers.

In the month that passed, I trained harder than ever and managed to master the ability to teleport and open portals to almost my full potential. I learned how to teleport people with me and it was pretty simple. Imagine jumping forward one meter, then imagine picking someone up and jumping one meter once again, you would need to use more power to achieve the same distance. It was kinda similar to that. The first time we tried it, I teleport way shorter than I wanted to, it took a few tries to figure out what was going on and once I figured it out I mastered it quickly. So far at most I can teleport, without any complications, are 2 people by simpling touching them as I was about to teleport.

As far as portals went, I was now able to open portals anywhere on earth, the greater the distance the more tool it took on me physically, but it was getting easier with more practice. I was also able to leave portals open for more and more time, the longest so far was 20 minutes without me even in the room.

And as far as my other abilities go, non have manifested yet, besides physical enchantments that I already got the first night they removed my blockades. With the constant training, I think I already became as strong as The Big Guy was. I also took this time to get myself in better physical shape as I didn’t need to keep up my neglected look anymore to enchant my pathetic villain persona.

“You are going to sit there and listen,” I said to Silver Fox.

“There is nothing you can say to me that will change my mind, I am going to kill you for what you did to The Big Guy, and I won’t stop until I succeed.” She said and I knew she meant it.

“I know he took you in and enabled you to succeed in his own way,” I said trying to sound calm and convincing, “But he was nothing like you thought him to be.”

“Because he has kept a secret from you?” She asked visibly frustrated.

“I don’t care about the secret, but the fact that they have done it to me in the first place,” I said. “Even as a fucking villain we don’t hurt children, we don’t make decisions for them, that’s out of the question, there is some codex even we have to uphold or we are just plain psychopaths and everything the Heroes and their propaganda tells people is true.” She was taken back a litte bit.

“I agree they shouldn’t have made that decision for you, but still, that’s not a reason for you to do all this, Was it even his decision.” She said.

“It was, they voted. The Big Guy, my parents, Doc and the Old Guy and they won 3 to 2, My parents and the Big Guy voted in favor of the procedure.” I continued. “But that doesn’t even scratch the surface of why I’ve done all of this and why I am going to continue with my plans.”

“The Old Guy, who is that?” She asked curiously.

“Let me tell you a story,” I said and she nodded, her interest was peaked.

“They all were the first generation of powered people, and by now we all know how they came to be. So your good old Big Guy, or should I call him Michael.” She reacted slightly to me knowing his name as that was a well-guarded secret.“Well, he wanted to be a Hero, so he and My Parents created a Heroe League, the Righteous Court.”

“He created, the Righteous Court? The Big Guy? What are you on about?” I could see on her face that she wasn’t buying it.

“Don’t worry I brought the receipts,” I said and played the video on the screen.

A man appeared in his sixties appeared with a beatdown look and trouble in his eyes.

“Is that Flight Supreme?” She asked, “Isn’t he supposed to be dead?”

“Yep, him in the flash. Nop, he is very well alive, or was, he just faked his own death because he couldn’t take it anymore, that’s why he said me the truth. Just listen to him” I said with a small grin on my face.

I continued the video and The Flight Supreme started talking: “See when we got our powers we were all lost, we knew how it was supposed to be from movies, we were supposed to be heroes, stop the big bad Villain, Monsters, Allien invasions, etc. But it was nothing like that, there were no big bad Villains going to take over the world, what monsters there were we defeated them in the first few weeks. We did what heroes are supposed to do after that, help the innocent, stop the criminals, etc… But people didn’t seem to care and we started to fall out of relevance. And our egos couldn’t handle it, only a year after we became this next step in evolution people stopped caring. So we started creating our own Villains. We would pay some of the powered people to act as Villains and fabricate a big thread, and then we would swoop in and save the day. That is until some of them started asking for more money or they would tell the truth to the public and we killed them. Then we started setting up the other Heroes to look like Villains and it was working for quite some time before all the Heroes moved away. So we needed a bigger, constant threat, so Michael became the Big Guy. It was a slow and precisely created plan, no one outside our most trusted people knew about it and we executed it to perfection.” I stopped the video, to let that information sink in.

“So you see,” I said. “You didn’t even know the begging of it all…”

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