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They decided to send Mr. White away from them, to the other part of the globe. Wealthy businessmen fought the decision, but deep down he knew it was ultimately for the best. The encounter with the angel had left him shaken, and he needed time to recover and if Angels returned he needed to be as far away from them as possible.

Next, Marcus made the decision to split his team in half. Ava would stay behind in Egypt with half of the team, while Marcus, Alex, Martin, Olivia, and Abigail would travel to South Africa to meet up with the team of professionals that Mr. White had hired.

As they prepared to leave, Jensen pulled Marcus aside. “Are you sure you don’t want me to go with you?” he asked. “I could help.”

Marcus shook his head. “I know you could brother, but no. You need to be with your family. Protect them from this evil. I have to pursue this. I have to find the truth, no matter what it takes.”

Jensen nodded, but Marcus could see the worry in his eyes. He knew that his brother didn’t like the idea of him traveling to the ends of the earth on a dangerous mission, but he couldn’t let that stop him.

Marcus felt a sense of unease settle over him as they parted ways, he could not shake the feeling that it was the last time he saw his brother, his only family left on earth. He knew that the journey ahead would be difficult, but he also knew that Mr. White had hired a team of skilled and capable professionals that would join him on this expedition.

As they boarded the plane and headed toward South Africa to meet with the rest of the team, Marcus couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement building inside of him. He felt like he was meant to this, to find Samael, that it was his true calling. He could not stop and think about his family and what happened to them, he knew if he did, he would never recover and would never be able to continue on with any mission, let alone a resemblance of a normal life.

As the plane landed in South Africa, two cars were waiting for Marcus and his team. They were quickly escorted to the cars and driven to a remote location where they would meet the rest of the team that would be leading the expedition to Antarctica.

Marcus looked out the window as they drove, taking in the unfamiliar scenery. The landscape was barren and rocky, with sparse vegetation dotting the horizon.

When they arrived at the meeting point, they were greeted by a group of rough-looking men and women. Next to them lay various weapons and heavy winter gear.

The leader of the group stepped forward, introducing himself as Max, a veteran explorer with years of experience in extreme climates. As Max stepped forward to introduce himself, Marcus extended his hand in greeting.

“Marcus,” he said. “I’m leading the team from Mr. White’s organization.”

Max’s grip was firm, his eyes scanning Marcus and his team. “Mr. White’s organization, you say,” he replied gruffly. “I’ve been leading expeditions like this for years and often doing jobs for and with Mr. White. How come I never saw you earlier?”

“Well, we mostly do things our own way, but this mission is out of our comfort zone” Marcus said looking Max straight in the eyes. “Mr. White thought we could use your expertise.”

Max nodded, a hint of respect in his gruff demeanor. “Good. We leave at dawn. Make yourself comfortable and meet the rest of the team.” Max gestured towards others to come.

He was a tall, muscular man with a rugged, weathered face that had clearly seen many years of harsh conditions. His hair was cut short almost to his head, and he had a patchy beard covering most of his chin and jawline.

Marcus nodded, taking in the rest of the team. There were about ten in total, all with unique skills and expertise that would be necessary for the mission ahead.

Max firstly introduced a wiry man with a thick beard named Lars, who was an expert in survival skills and could start a fire in the middle of the ocean according to him. There was a woman named Sarah, who was a skilled navigator and master tracker.

He continued introducing Robert, a quiet man with piercing blue eyes, an ex-marine, who was there mostly for their protection. The introduction continued for a few minutes as Marcus took the podium and presented his team.

As the night came closer and the team began to prepare for the journey ahead, Marcus couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement mixed with trepidation. The team was strong and they had everything they need, but there were still so many unknowns about the mission and what they might encounter along the way. They were not even sure if they would find anything in Antarctica, but that was their only clue so far and the only lead unless Ava and the rest of the team don’t find something new.

The next morning, Marcus and his team boarded a large boat that was docked at the edge of the harbor. The boat was massive, with a towering hull and a sharp bow that cut through the icy waters with ease. The crew was already hard at work, preparing the boat for their journey to Antarctica.

The air was thick with the scent of salt and seawater, and the sound of waves crashing against the boat filled their ears. The sight that greeted them was nothing short of breathtaking.

They helped Max’s team load all of their equipment and as the sun began to rise over the horizon, the boat’s engines roared to life, and they began to move. The journey to Antarctica had begun, and Marcus was ready for whatever lay ahead. He stood at the bow of the boat, his face turned towards the distant horizon, eager to discover the truth of Angels, Samael, and everything else that was connected with this mystery.

It took them three days of smooth sailing to reach the first icy waters after leaving the harbor. Marcus found himself once again at the hull watching the sea, a vast expanse of blue that seemed to go on forever. In the distance, he could see massive icebergs floating on the surface of the water, their jagged edges gleaming in the pale light of dawn. Seabirds circled overhead, their piercing cries echoing across the ocean.

Marcus stood in awe for a moment, taking in the stunning beauty of the scene before he was cut off by Max approaching him.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” Max asked, breaking the silence.

“Stunning,” Marcus answered, his eyes fixed on the horizon.

“We will reach the shore around nightfall,” Max said. “But my suggestion is we wait until the morning on the boat and set up camp first thing in the morning.”

“I am not going to interfere with your work,” Marcus said. “If you say it’s better that way, I agree.”

Max nodded and then, seemingly without thinking, ran his finger along the outer circle of the mark on his forehead. Marcus couldn’t help but notice the movement.

“You are a historian, right?” Max continued their conversation, and Marcus nodded.

“What do you think the mark means? Sinners, as everyone else is saying, or do you have a different theory?”

Marcus hesitated for a moment, considering the weight of his words. He decided to keep his cards close to his chest, not yet ready to reveal the truth of their discovery and the true purpose of their mission even though he felt like he could trust Max. He debated with himself numerous times already whether to tell the man the full truth but ultimately decided against it.

“Don’t know, never really thought about it much. I guess it makes sense,” Marcus answered.

Max nodded, seemingly satisfied with the response. “And have you accepted God?” he asked with a blank expression. “Are you trying to repent your sins?”

“To be honest, not really,” Marcus admitted. “I’ve got a few more things to do before I can even think about it.”

“What about you?” Marcus asked, turning the conversation back to Max.

“I am beyond saving,” Max said, his voice filled with resignation. “I have done a few sins that are not repeatable. It took me years after the Rapture, but I am finally at peace with my life, and I am going to continue living it to the fullest. If it means going to hell or whatever eventually, so be it.”

Marcus felt a pinch of familiarity with Max’s words. He had been there himself, in that dark place where redemption seemed unattainable. The translation of the mark had given him a brief moment of relief, a brief moment where life was not scripted towards some divinity with clear rules set in stone, but it did not last long as soon after his family disappeared. So He needed to find them first, and only then could he allow himself to contemplate his own life.

With the conversation over and his family on his mind once again Marcus left for his room to try and get some sleep before they touched the icy ground on Antarctica.

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