Chapter 5
Pathetic Villain



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“What do you mean no, I said there were great threats brewing on the horizon and that I would explain in due time.” He said clearly shocked by my blunt answer.

“I mean no,” I said with a straight face and calm voice looking him straight eyes for the first time feeling not even a hint of fear.

“Isaac, you need to calm down and let me explain before I lose my temper!” He said getting visibly frustrated.

“Let me guess, there are 3 threats?” I said taking a step forward which surprised him. “Nagermors are gathering their numbers on Iceland and are planning something big, possibly an invasion of Europe? Heroes and Vigilantes all over the world are finally finding an equal tongue and will finally get together to clean the biggest Villain and Criminal organizations and unlucky for you they are planning to start their first joint action right here in this city?” I stopped for a second to gauge his reaction, it was pure shock, but who could blame him?

“What? How do-” Before he could finish I continued.

“And far worst of all, The Governments and Anti-Supes organizations are finally on the brink of discovery on how to disable the powers of everyone thanks to Doc’s research and the thing you and my parents have done to me was I was just a baby?” Anger kept brewing inside of me. “So you needed me, needed to see if it could be reversed, what were the real effects of the process you’ve done on me. And if somehow if I turned out a fraction as powerful as my parents, you get an insanely powerful ally to deal with all 3 problems simotanisouly.” I finished and tried to compose myself.

“How do you know about all of that?” He said visibly confused and shaken.

“I’ve made it all up, those Anti-Supe idiots have nothing, Heroes are always yapping about something but they will never do anything concrete, they are too comfortable in their high places and the wealth and fame they enjoy. I just, I mean we, I can’t take all the credit, told the right people the right things and the rumors spread like wildfire and you fell for it almost immediately. And Nagermors they were just another thing for you to worry about, with few video edits, paid reporters, and the blessing of the internet anything is possible.”

He was speechless, the first time I’d seen him this unnerved. We all heard the stories of him never breaking his persona, but he was out of it now.

“You’ve made all this out? What are you talking about? How do you know about your parents, only Me, them, and Doc knew exactly what we did, his team had no idea, they thought we were saving your life.” But then it hit him. “And the-”

“And the old man, I found him, he is alive, well was, not anymore, I’ve dealt with him,” I said.

“But how did you even know about him? What or who started all this?” He said trying to understand everything now, he wasn’t used to not having everything under control.

“I always knew there was something more to me, no one gets dealt this shitty of hand when powers are in question. And you’ve asked me about Zaia, I’ve met her some 6 years ago and she confirmed my story, there was something blocking my mind, something she has never seen in her life and she peeks into everyone’s brain.” I said watching for how close I come to him, I didn’t want to be near his reach.

“So I doubled down on this pathetic villain persona that started to form around me. See, I noticed when you are pathetic on one hand, but charismatic on the other one, no one takes you seriously and you can get away with many things. I did get caught the first few times on purpose but later on, I let myself get caught all the time to entertain the masses, and pretty soon Heroes stopped carrying about me, you guys found me funny and the police really didn’t care either way. And in all this time I’ve accumulated a lot of wealth and formed my own team out of similar people that community labeled as useless or pathetic, but I saw huge potential in them.” I teleported to the left side of the room because now I wanted to scout the room and surroundings while I finished talking.

“See Zaia, for example, tried out for 4 different Heroe teams, and they all deemed her useless without even trying to fully figure out her powers, but I did it and found some incredible use of it, some you will probably see now.” I teleported back in front of him.

“What you did was almost impressive and out of respect for your father I won’t kill you, but you will not see the light of the day ever again.” He said his anger reaching boiling point.

“Fuck him, I know he and the women that gave birth to me vanished into thin air when you fought and defeated The Prime. I have my theory of what happened, and if they are still somehow alive and I find them, I will kill them the same as you now, no one gets the right to decide what you did 20 years ago, NO ONE!” I yelled and that visibly surprised him, it seemed that deep down he still thought this was some sick joke masterfully played by me.

“Now you are done talking!” He said and looked me straight into the eyes trying to paralyze me and I just stood there and took it all in.

“Gift from my friend Zaia, you Paralyze won’t work on me!” I said smiling. “See she can alter your brain chemistry,” Well fuck it I was tired of talking, so I teleported behind him.

See when I said I didn’t know how to fight I lied, I had to keep that person all the time mostly because of many of the mind readers here in the building and all over the town.

Appearing behind him I struck him with full force into his knee. On top of a lot of powers, I knew I had in me was Physical strength. I was way smaller than him, but I could hit with almost the same force, so my low kick to his knee made him scream and fall down briefly. But he was still a force of nature, a pure tank, and he swung his massive arm with inhumane speed back towards me. If that elbow landed it would have been night-night for me, but luckily I managed to teleport away.

He stood up and tried to paralyze me again before realizing it didn’t work and then he charged me at full speed. He moved at least 5 times faster than your average male human so my reactions had to be pitch perfect. Before he could reach me I jumped to his right side and punched him with full force right in the chin. It barely fazed him. He was in a full trance now, his look now took a most primal form and he was out for my head.

I kept dodging his charges and landing a few punches here and there, but he read my pattern, and as I appeared beside him again, he leaned on the opposite leg and quickly shoulder-checked me with full force. Getting hit by a train probably felt something like this. I fell backward over the wooden table we sat at two nights ago. It broke under me. Before he could reach me I grabbed a broken table leg and jumped behind him. With full force, I tried to stab him with the pointer side of the broken leg. Unfortunately, I feared his skin was not that easily penetrable, and the leg shattered into million smaller pieces.

I needed to find a better solution, he wouldn’t tire out and in a matter of minutes someone would figure out something was wrong and they would send the full team in and I would be doomed.

Then I remember what I saw in the hangar and quickly teleported down there. And there it was, this weird-looking sword in the midst of all the weapons. I quickly grabbed it and across the hangar, I saw confused looks of Darean and Silver Fox. Before I teleported back I heard the alarms going off. So now I definantely only had minutes left. I teleported back into the office.

He stood next to his desk and from underneath it, he grabbed a gun. There was nothing more to wait for, this was what I worked for all these years. As he was pointing his gun toward me, I envisioned myself above him, which he didn’t expect. With the full force of gravity helping me, I stabbed a sword into his neck.

I teleported away not risking a hit if it didn’t work. But the look of utter disbelief on his face and the sword peeking behind him told me it worked. He tried reaching for it but it was too late and he collapsed, first to his knees and then completely.

I only had a few seconds to compose myself before Darean came flying in thru the window. The utter shock on his face, when he saw Big Guy’s body on the floor, can’t be described. He turned towards me.

“Why? What happened?” He asked, his voice breaking.

“No time to explain, I suggest you stand down, you are a decent guy I don’t wanna have to kill you as well,” I said with a cold voice.

“What? You’ve done this?” He kept looking at me in disbelief while hovering in the air.

Before I could answer I felt a familiar tingle in the back of my mind.

“Isaac, what’s going on? Are you ok?” Zaia asked.

“I am ok,” I said out loud this time.

“Who are you talking to?” Darean was looking at me and then around the room.

“Get the team ready now, shit went down already, be ready in 30 seconds,” I told Zaia, ignoring Darean for now.

I couldn’t risk Darean interrupting me but I also didn’t want to kill him, so I used the fact that he was disoriented to knock him out by first teleporting to pick up a gun and then behind Darean in order to hit him at the back of his head, which fortunately for me knocked him down. He fell from the air to the floor, flinched once, and went completely limp.

Three years ago, I made a small break thru, I tore the blockade they inserted into me a little bit more and managed to discover my second power, which was the ability to open portals from one place to another. With the blockade in place, the portals were tiny we only managed to send smaller objects and some rats thru them, but they worked. Now I was supposed to connect this room and the room where my team waited.

I envisioned the room they were in and in my mind connected it with this place right next to me, it was similar to teleporting but took way more effort to open. The portals were not that visible, they had no shiny aura around them but rather looked like a ripple of the water, but with air, it was weird.

The elevator door opened and there was their team, led by Silver Fox. I counted 10 of them, including Paranoia.

“What have you done?” Silver Fox yelled at me.

As they left the elevator and started to get the full picture of what happened, the portal completely opened and my team came in, 15 of them.

Paranoia snapped out of the trance first and closed his eyes trying to knock us out, but we were ready for that, we practiced a thousand of times and Zaia quickly reacted and played with his brain which turned his powers on him and he fell to the ground.

Before others could react I teleported and took the sword out of Big Guy’s lifeless body, and teleported next to Darean. I took him by the head and pressed the sword on his neck.

“Stand down or he losses his head,” I said.

They were dumbfounded but most of them put their weapons away and moved one step back, I looked at Zaia and nodded. She overwhelmed their heads with a million intrusive thoughts which gave us the opening to sedate them. That was a job for Viva and Corpo which they did flawlessly and all of them fell to the floor.

“We did it!” Zaia said. “Who would have thought.”

“Who would have thought,” I repeated after her.

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