Chapter 5
Time Machine Disaster

“I will need to use you as bait,” I said bluntly. “Spectre will come after you tomorrow and I need to catch her because now that she is debt free from me she will never agree to a meeting again.”

“As it matters,” She said sitting on the couch looking completely broken. “We are already doomed, weeks from total annihilation.”

“It does, we can’t just roll over and wait to die, I am going to stop this and you are going to help me.”

“You, the villain that started all this, are going to save humankind? How poetic.” She said.

“Yes, I might be a villain, but I am not a psychopath I don’t want to be the one that destroyed the earth, get up Doc, and let’s go.” I helped her off the couch and we left.

For the night I took her to my hidden house only a few, most trusted, associates knew about. I tried to get as much information about the Wraiths and the time travel as I could, but she was pretty unresponsive she gave up almost completely. I went over the plan for tomorrow when Spectre comes for her, she listened but I am not sure if anything got to her so I let her go get some rest.

When the morning arrived, I took her back into the city and she went on as if nothing was out of the ordinary. I knew Spectre wouldn’t hit in the morning when there were a lot of people around, she would wait for a good opportunity later in the day, but I stood there watching I had to do something as well, to keep myself busy.

As on the clock, when most of the building cleated, Spectre arrived. I messaged Doc to leave her office as she was going home and waited near the exit.

As soon as she left, Spectre hypnotized her and the Doc froze. Before Spectre could raise her gun, I enchanted my speed and snatched it out of her hands. She instantly tried to hypnotize me as well, but the device that almost completely negated her powers was already in my ears and I easily shook off her weakened ability. I enchanted my strength as well and didn’t waste any time knocking her out before she could even react.

As soon as she was down Doc was free of her effects and we went back to my hideout. This time around I called some backup, I need to let other people I trusted in on this, I needed some help.

Nuclear and Starbright came to the hideout shortly after us. And I tried to explain the situation we were in as best as I could, but Doc chipped in several times correcting my terminology regarding time travel and wraiths. They were sad for Gambler, but the pure shock of the situation didn’t let them think about him for too long.

I left Starbright upstairs with the Doc and took Nuclear down to the basement, where I held Spectre, with me. Having Mind-Bender would make things much easier, but Nuclear with her powers would suffice.

Spectre was awake when we came down.

“What is this about, I repaid my debt to you, let me go.” She said.

“This is not about your debt, this is about something way more important,” I said.

I spent the next few minutes explaining things to her, I was already getting tired of it. She listened but I could immediately tell she didn’t believe me or didn’t care, most likely both. She was a true psychopath only loyal to her job and current contractor. So once I asked who her contract was, she didn’t let a word out.

“Don’t be stupid and tell me, if you don’t we will all be dead in a matter of weeks, so what’s the point of your loyalty then?”

She refused once again, turning her head away from me. I nodded to Nuclear and left upstairs, she would get the answers and I didn’t have to watch the process.

Half an hour later Nuclear came back up with a name and the address. Three of us left the Doc in the house and went to pay a visit to this mysterious man.

The address took us to a forest outside of the city. We could see a big mansion in the clearing not far away from where we stopped our car, so we continued on the foot. The mansion had huge walls around it and was well guarded against all sides, so we didn’t waste our time.

Nuclear blasted one of the walls down and Starbright and I took care of the guards quickly. We continued towards the entrance, a few more guards rushing us but they were quickly disarmed and knocked out of commission.

Inside the mansion, there were no guards and we were greeted by a man and a woman wearing bluish cloaks, their hoods down.

“Welcome, we were expecting you…” They said.

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