Chapter 4
Pathetic Villain



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What Doc Ben told me was that the procedure worked, but not in the way they intended and envisioned it. My power broke thru their so-called barrier but only a small portion of it, the rest of it was trapped waiting to burst.

He admitted that The Big Guy was right and that some of his earlier fears came thru and if left unchecked the power might break free in the near future, but in doing so I would probably die, as the process would be violent and my brain would most likely be fried by it.

So he said I really had no choice but to let them operate on me in order to remove what they’ve put in 20 years ago.

Not long after that, The Big Guy came down with his inner circle. As the Doc spoke with him he couldn’t find a way to hide his excitement. I doubt he saw me looking, but it was disturbing in some way, seeing Paralyze himself unable to control his grin.

After the talk, he came around looking for me. He basically repeated Doc’s words once again, but with a more arrogant tone. What I got from that conversation is that I basically had no choice but to accept the procedure even though they tried to phrase it like it was in my best intentions and that they were only looking out for me and they needed my full potential unlocked, etc.

After running some more tests and setting a time for tomorrow’s procedure they allowed me to finally return to my room. I was told to eat well now and rest for the rest of the evening and get a good night’s sleep.

Well, I had no other choice, so I used their chefs to the fullest extent and ordered some of the rarest meals I could think of.

Before the meal came, I decided to lie down for a little bit and try to process most of the things that happened in the past 24 hours. While doing that I felt a slight tingle inside my mind, a familiar feeling. When a mind reader or anyone with a vast spectrum of telepathic powers tries to enter or influence your mind. Not long after that, I heard a slight echo of a voice, like someone calling you in a fever dream.

“Isaac, Isaac, can you hear me?” The echo said.

A minute passed and the echo cleared and I could hear Zaia’s voice clearly in my head.

“Isac are you ok? I completely lost contact with you and couldn’t feel or find you anywhere.” She said.

“I am fine, I am in the Headquarters by The Big Guy’s orders, working a job for him directly. Don’t worry about me I’ll be home soon.” I thought these words, she could hear me directly in my mind without me saying them and moments later I could feel the same tingling as she left my mind.

I quickly fell asleep and when the morning rolled around The Silver Fox once again greeted me at my door. This time no coffee, no breakfast straight to the hangar where a team of Doc’s assistants waited for me. They led me to the same room where I was yesterday where they ran a painful number of tests and repeated the scans of my head.

Before the procedure, the Big Guy himself came down.

“Feeling nervous?” He asked me palming half of my back with his gigantic arm.

“I would lie if I said I wasn’t, so no…” I gave a genuine smile.

He chuckled, that was a weird sound. “Nothing to worry about, you are in the best hands possible.” He said.

“I’ve got one more question for you.” He continued. “Who is Zaia?”

Fuck, I hoped his people weren’t listening, but deep down I knew they would catch that. “She is my friend Sir, she was just worried about me.” Here I go with Sir again.

“How come we don’t know about her? Her reaching you here means she is pretty powerful.” He asked with a sterner voice.

“She is no one, just a low-life pathetic excuse of a villain like me,” I said trying to hide my concern and panic.

“Don’t sell yourself short, your life could change in a matter of hours now,” He said. “But we will see about her, I sent Zap to find her and bring her in, you can never be too careful these days.”

God damnit, that wasn’t good. But Zaia is smart, Zap couldn’t find her that easily, at least I hoped. But there was nothing I could do right now. Moments later Doc came in and escorted me to the operation room.

Once again he reassured me everything would be fine and that my life was about to change, I just nodded along. They wouldn’t be using anesthesia so they called Paranoia in, on top of all his horrific powers, he could just put you to sleep.

“Don’t worry Jumpy, I am not gonna make you have bad dreams, The Big Guy made it clear I shouldn’t do that.” He said with a creepy smile and I fell asleep looking at his full face.

I would lie if I said I felt anything, it felt only like seconds after when Paranoia pulled me out of my sleep or more like a coma. I was greeted by Doc’s big smile.

“How are we feeling?” He asked helping me sit up. “Take it easy, the procedure went well you should feel like a new person now.”

“Honestly I feel thirsty Doc,” I said.

They brought me a glass of water and helped me out of the room and towards the hangar where Silver Fox and Darean were waiting.

“How is the patient Ben?” Silver Fox asked him.

“Patient slept like a baby and the procedure went perfect, we should see the results right away.” He answered finally letting me stand completely on my own.

“So Isaac, feeling any different?” She asked me curiosity unable to escape her face.

“Let me see,” I said and prepared myself for a small jump.

I looked behind two of them where a military-looking jeep stood. Usually, I could jump at most close to the hood of the jeep, but this time I aimed for the back of it. I envisioned my new location and started the process, for me it was like blinking once I envisioned a location no other effort was needed. And it worked I reappeared behind the jeep, this was the furthest I ever went almost double the previous distance. I jumped back to them and couldn’t help but see a little bit of awe in Doc’s face. Doc knew the exact limitations of my powers but Silver Fox and Darean didn’t, so they didn’t even know if it was any better than before and their faces remained neutral.

To prove to them it worked I envisioned the back of the hanger, which was the size of almost 2 football fields and in a few milliseconds I appeared there and waved back to them. When I blinked back, their faces definitely changed, even Paranoia’s creepy face showed a litte bit of amazement.

“Not bad jumpy!” Darean said. “Now you can get yourself out of the prison and I can have some free nights finally.” He teased me.

“Well I’ll be damned, it actually worked.” Silver Fox added.

“Do you have, how you called them, charges? Can you try some more jumps?”

“He should probably rest for a while-”

Before Doc could finish I started teleporting all over the hangar, and in between one of the teleports, I tested something. I tried to go to a place I couldn’t see, so I envisioned the Doc’s office and to my hope and surprise I appeared there, but I quickly jumped back in front of them.

“So no limitations so far,” Doc concluded.

“None, I jumped over fifty times now in less than a minute!” I couldn’t hide a stupid grin on my face.

Now even Darean looked a little bit impressed, while Silver Fox just nodded in approvement.

Ohh yes, damn, Zaia. I can’t waste any more time. It clearly worked.

“Thanks, Doc!” I said before jumping straight into the Big Guy’s office.

He flinched, but just a little bit, if you weren’t looking for it you wouldn’t even notice. He stood up and clasped his gigantic hands together.

“We have a lot of work ahead of us, little one.” He said walking towards me.

I stood taller than ever and replied, “No we don’t…”

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