Chapter 4



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“Then we find Samael,” Mr. White said. “I trust Marcus completely!”

Marcus rolled his eyes and went back to study the rest of the untranslated writings on the stones. Ava and the rest of the team gathered around a large table covered in books, journals, and fragments of the ancient stone and started searching for any clue that might lead them to Samael. Soon after Mr. White brought everything he gathered through his life, all the tales, legends, myths, and interviews with people that told these stories.

Over the next few days as Angels once again left the Earth, the team scoured every history book they could find, delving into ancient myths and legends from every corner of the globe. They had studied Mr. White’s grandmother’s journal, hoping to find some insight into the story she told all these years ago.

They had even turned to the internet, something Marcus rarely did, scouring every corner of the web for any hint of information on Samael. But all they had found was what humanity was preached all these years, nothing out of the ordinary.

“It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack,” Ava muttered, flipping through a dusty tome. “We have no idea where even to begin looking.”

“Perhaps we should focus on the clues we do have,” Marcus said, picking up one of the stone fragments. “The writing here seems to suggest that Samael is not who the angels make him out to be. But who is he, then? And where is he?”

“Wait,” Allen said, Marcus’s colleague way back from their college days. “If everything we knew is basically inverted. Angels are good, they are basically monsters as far as we know. Then maybe the devil or Samael who is represented with fire, deep underground…”

“Ice,” Marcus yelled cutting off Allen and started ravaging through papers. “Where do you hide something you don’t want anyone to find?” Marcus asked and then answered his own question. “The most unhabitable part of the planet, Antarctica.”

Others shared a glance as Marcus continued looking for something. “Ahaa…” He exclaimed.

A single line buried deep in ancient books, a reference to a place known as the “Deepest Prison.”

“This was wrongly translated,” Marcus said, excitement building in his chest. “I just figured

it out with these new translations we’ve been doing and it clicked. When they said down or deepest in this particular text, they meant south.” Marcus said and everyone looked lost. “Fire to Ice, Deepest to South, it’s Antarctica, Look at this.” Marcus showed them a picture in the book that held a text about Deepest Prison and a rough circular drawing below it.

“What does it look like too?” Marcus said and pulled out a map of Antarctica on his iPad the resemblance between the drawing and the map was uncanny, too much to be a coincidence.

“We need to go there,” Marcus said, excitement building in his chest once again. “If there’s any chance of finding Samael and finding out what happened to my family and all the other humans lost in these fifteen years, it’s there. Mr. White, you owe me this much.”

“Makes sense,” Mr. White said in a calm and collected voice. “I’ll see what I can do.” The rest of the team nodded.

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