Chapter 2
Pathetic Villain



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What the hell does he have to talk to me about? Does he know? Fuck. A million thoughts flew into my mind, but I somehow managed to suppress them, fuck it, let’s just wing it as always. I decided to teleport forward, towards the chair he pointed at, but being nervous as I was, I over-calculated and ended up right next to him. This up close he was even more menacing, his shoulder was the size of my head, and trust me my head wasn’t on the smaller spectrum. His eyes didn’t match his whole person, they were so light blue that at first glance you could barely discern where the white spilled into the iris. I coughed to clear my throat and just went to sit on the opposite side of the table.

“Do you want a glass of wine?” His voice didn’t quite match his whole aura, you felt he would sound like some sort of primal predator or that he would roar as he spoke, but it was still a calm voice, pretty soothing.

“Sure, or a beer if you have one,” I said my voice slightly cracking.

He went into the back room and brought me a cold beer, you could see the bottle sweating from across the room. I used that time to try and compose myself, a few deep breaths, some counting to seven as I breathe, all the crap I’ve read only about how to overcome anxiety and panic attacks.

“I wanted to let you live out your life as you see fit,” He said handing me the bear, he twisted the bottle cap off with ease. “I made a promise a long time ago to a dear friend of mine, more of a brother than a friend, that I hoped I would take to my grave. But I need you, we need you now, to become something more and shed this pathetic persona you created for yourself, we both know you did it on purpose!”

He needs me? What could he possibly need me for, they have a range of powers in their team, even Zapp who can teleport without any restrictions I have. What is going on here? And what kind of secret could possibly involve me? I swallowed a knot that formed in my throat and spoke. “I did what on purpose?”

“Don’t play dumb Isaac!” He said with a sterner voice.

Fuck he knew my real name, how could he? this is all too weird for me. “You know my name, Sir?” I said, why did I say Sir that just sounds weird. “And what secret are you talking about, what could possibly involve me and you?”

“Just sit back and relax, you are not in any trouble, and don’t interrupt me, I’ll explain everything, well almost everything, you are not ready for the whole truth at once!”

Him telling me to relax and changing his tone of voice again did ease my worry and anxiety, but I was still as confused as ever, this night took a really unexpected turn. Usually, by now I would have been in my apartment chilling, eating some junk food, and watching some of the shows that I was binging at the time, but here I was sitting across from the Big Guy sipping on a cold beer that he personally brought me, what a fever dream.

“Unfortunately, you never got to meet your father, he was an exceptional man!” He started and now I was completely lost.

My father was an accountant that died before my 3rd birthday, yes, my mother told me he was an exceptional, loving, and caring man, but what does he have to do with anything, he was as ordinary as a man got in this crazy world filled with extraordinary people and creatures.

“Sorry, what?” I asked confused.

“Told you to not interrupt me, ill explain everything.” He said and I nodded and leaned forward.

“You are a child of 2 very powerful individuals, I can’t say yet who, but one day everything will be clear.”

“You want to say that Christine is a very superpowered person? What’s her power, being annoyed at me? Being super disappointed in me?” I said.

“Isaac, I am gonna paralyze you if you keep interrupting me and make you listen to me that way.” He said giving me a straight look, I froze momentarily then nodded once again. “Christine is not your mother, she is a very caring person that we assigned to you as a Guardian when your parents v…” He swallowed a word, “died. You were only 3 at the time so we made up that story that you know. Don’t call and tell Christine anything about what we discussed tonight, pretend that everything is normal, do you understand me”

I nodded and finished the rest of my beer. He then took out the glass underneath the table and poured me some Cognac, could he read my mind that I needed something stronger to process all of this? I happily took the glass and let the warm Cognac dull my senses.

“Ok, good that you understand. As I said they both were extremely powerful individuals so it was 100% guaranteed that you would have powers of your own as well, to what extent no one knew. But your father believed that the era of Heros and Villians will come to an end and even if it didn’t he believed that sort of a life was not for his child, he wanted you to have a normal life away from all this shit. So that’s why he and a team of doctors, led by Dr. Thijmem who you will meet tomorrow, did an experimental procedure on you to make your powers never manifest. It clearly failed, but I would guess that it worked to some extent and that’s why you do have power, but it’s very limited.”

He stopped for a brief moment to everything sink in. It kinda did, but honestly, it all felt like some made-up story, my brain still didn’t process this as a real possibility. I nodded once again and he continued.

“There has been some disturbing development lately, and your father might have been onto something with this whole era of Heroes and Villains coming to an end. So, unfortunately, I have to break my promise to him and expose you to everything. But I know this all seems crazy, and honestly, I don’t know if I even can trust you fully yet, so that’s why I am going to slowly ease you into the full truth.”

“Crazy doesn’t even begin to describe what you just told me…” I said finishing my glass of cognac.“

“I know, that’s why you are going to take a good rest tonight. I can’t risk you going back to your apartment, so Silver Fox will take you to one of our spare rooms, you will have everything you need from some fresh clothes to something to eat.” He seemed like a huge weight fell from his chest and there was some degree of sadness deep in his eyes, that I doubt anyone had ever seen before.

“But why me, why now? Even if I could fully teleport, you still have Zapp who can already do it?” I asked letting myself believe this story for now.

“Teleportation might be only a small portion of your powers. When your mother was pregnant we all discussed and were curious about what your powers will be. So that’s why we have to try and reverse the process of whatever they did to you and Dr. Thijmem will start the process tomorrow.” He bowed his head. “For what’s coming we will probably need a miracle so that’s why I am starting with you while we still have time.”

He reassured me several more times that the story was the truth, and that everything will fall into its place in due time. I was worried about what that Doctor would do to me, he also reassured me that I would be 100% safe and in no real harm, the worst thing that could happen is that what they have done to me didn’t work and that this was full extend of my powers. That seemed like a sad conclusion to the story now that he has told me all this. He also said that Silver Fox knows most of the story right now, as she was in his closest circle, and everything he told me tonight, but to keep everything quiet from the others for now.

Once the elevator took me to the lounge area Silver Fox was back on her sofa scrolling thru her phone once again.

“So, how are you now Isaac?” She asked with a hint of curiosity in her voice.

“Confused, scared, angry and everything combined. But mostly confused.” I answered.

She nodded and started towards the living quarters. She gave me a key card but also said that my hand scan would work with most of the scanners in the building as well as the elevator to the Big Guy’s office.

Once in my room, I took a long shower to clear my head and get rid of that cell stench that got onto me. While showering I didn’t want to think about anything I just cleared my mind and let my brain rest for 5 minutes, when I lie down in the bed then I will let myself worry. But my body betrayed me and as soon as my head hit the pillow I fell asleep.

The alarm woke me up at 8:00 and before I could get ready Silver Fox was at my door. She greeted me with a cup of coffee, a smile, and a message that Dr. Thijman is waiting for me down in the basement…

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