Chapter 2
Time Machine Disaster

Flying man, giant spiders, behemoths, I’ve seen it all, but looking at myself had to be the strangest thing ever.

I’ve noticed something weird in this already crazy situation. Future me was barely moving, he looked around the room like he was looking for something.

A million questions danced inside my head, but I waited for him, well me, to make the first move. After less than a minute, he finally seemed to relax slightly.

“Don’t time travel under any circumstance, destroy the machine, the schematics, kill Dr. Anderson and everyone who used the machine right away.” He said and continued looking franticly around the room.

“What are you talking, me, talking about?” I said.

I was freaked up, to say the least, I don’t know what I expected from time travel, but the apocalypse and meeting myself from the future didn’t really cross my mind.

“Do it, do what I just said, destroy it before they fi-”

Before future me could finish something shifted in the room, the air stilled, and then it felt like it rippled. A low sound between growling and screeching could be heard and all of a sudden black liquid smoke appeared around Future me and in a matter of seconds, it completely engulfed him. The sound intensified and the smoke ate thru him, devouring him, the horror in his eyes was something I’d never seen in my long villain career full of different types of horrific activities.

And just a few seconds later the sound stopped, future me was gone, the last part of his that vanished was the eyes, that is a sight I won’t be able to forget for a long time.

I left the basement and went up to my living room, I needed a drink, time to clear my mind and try to understand what the hell was going on. Why didn’t the future me try and used his powers to defend himself against that thing, whatever that was, what the hell was he on, why would I destroy the machine? “Kill Dr. Anderson and everyone who used the machine” echoed through my head, what was all that about and what the hell happened to Mind-Breaker, where was he?

Four people have used the machine so far Mind-Bender who was missing, The Gambler who went first, Whiz and Plaque. I needed to talk to them to see what I was missing. The Gambler was the obvious choice, I trusted him the most, he went first and unlike the other two, he actually had working brain cells.

I called Gambler right away, but he didn’t pick up. I called around and got the information he was last seen in the Blue Rose, a popular bar on the other side of the city, and apparently, he was drinking and was headed home not long ago.

I couldn’t wait for tomorrow, not after seeing what I saw tonight, so I rushed to the garage and headed across the city. The drive was almost half an hour and the same image of what happened to future me kept creeping back into my mind. What the hell happened there, what did I get myself into this time?

Approaching his house I noticed the light in his room, great he was home. I parked in his driveway and went straight to his door. He wasn’t answering for almost a minute so I tried the door and to my surprise, they were unlocked.

“Gambler,” I yelled. “Where are you, man? We need to talk.” Still nothing.

I went looking downstairs, his house was a huge one, he made himself quite a fortune working with me these past years. He was not downstairs, so I went up, where saw the light. I yelled his name periodically but no answer came back. I heard the water running down in his bathroom, but the door was wide open. I kept on calling his name and went straight ahead and enter the bathroom. Still nothing, it was empty. This was weird now, and as I was thinking that noise came from downstairs.

I ran down still calling his name. Once down I now noticed that the balcony door to the backyard was open, have I missed it when I was down? I mentally prepared myself for a fight since I had no idea what was going on and went towards the backyard.

Leaving the balcony I came to a wide grass area and there in the middle of it I noticed him standing with his back to me and his head bowed.

“Gambler, what are you doing, I was calling you like crazy…” I said, but he didn’t move.

I walked toward him and he still remained in the same place, but as I came closer, maybe 5 meters away he started to turn, and then I saw it. Black Liquid smoke danced around his head.

“What have you done to me?” He barely managed to get the words out…

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