Chapter 14



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Warren wanted Faith to stay behind and for him to accompany Mr. White to a meeting with his team and this Samael figure alone, but Faith fought against it.

Warren leaned in, “Faith, I think it’s better if I go alone with Mr. White to meet this Samael creature. We don’t know what we’re dealing with here.”

Faith looked at him, a determined look on her face. “I’m going with you,” she stated firmly.

Warren frowned. “It could be dangerous, Faith. I don’t want to put you in harm’s way.”

“I can handle it,” Faith replied confidently. “Besides, I don’t want to be left behind, I will be safer with you. We’re in this together.”

Warren sighed, knowing he couldn’t argue with her. “Fine, but promise me you’ll quiet and not make any problems.”

“I promise,” Faith said with a smile.

Faith felt nervous and anxious ahead of the trip. She knew that they were walking into an unknown and potentially dangerous situation, and the idea of facing someone like Samael or another Angel made her feel uneasy. At the same time, she was excited to be on this adventure with Warren, and felt confident that they could handle whatever came their way. She spent some time packing her things, making sure to bring everything she might need for the trip. As she packed, she tried to focus on the positive aspects of the journey, reminding herself that they were doing this to help uncover the truth about what was going on with her and the events surrounding the rapture.

Marcus sent them the exact coordinates via encrypted message, indicating that the meeting with Samael would take place in the foothills of the Andes Mountains of Peru. They were surprised by the location and the fact that Samael had chosen such a remote area for their meeting.

Warren immediately began researching the area, trying to find any information that might be helpful in their upcoming trip. Faith, on the other hand, decided not to delve on it and spent most of her time ahead of trip reading books and relaxing her mind.

As the day of the trip approached, Mr. White had organized everything they needed for the trip and their accommodations once they arrived in Peru.

After everything was set for the trip, Warren, Faith, and Mr. White set out on their journey to the Andes in Peru. They arrived at the rendezvous point three days ahead of schedule, where they would meet with Marcus, Max, and the rest of their team. Mr. White had become increasingly worried about the meeting with Samael and the potential danger it posed. Despite the presence of Marcus, Max, and their team, he decided to hire five additional armed men as a precautionary measure.

Marcus and the rest of the team arrived at the location one ay later. They were clearly exhausted from their arduous expedition to Antarctica. Their faces were etched with deep lines of fatigue, and their eyes were sunken with dark circles beneath them. The chill of the Andes night air seemed to seep into their bones, as they approached. Despite their exhaustion, they still managed to exude an air of toughness, as if their exhaustion was merely a tiny obstacle that they had to overcome in their quest to complete their mission.

As they approached, Warren and Faith could sense the tension in the air. Marcus scanned the group, his eyes pausing for a moment on Faith before flicking away to the rest of the group. “Who the hell are they?” Marcus asked, his voice gruff and deep, laced with a hint of suspicion as he pointed at Warren and Faith. Faith could feel herself tensing up, unsure of how to react. 

Warren stepped forward, introducing himself and Faith, “Hello, I am Warren and this is my daughter Faith.” 

“I am Marcus,” Marcus said with a straight face and then turned towards Mr. White. “Who are they? What are they doing here?” 

“I’ll let them explain,” Mr. White said as he pulled four of them and Max to the side, away from the rest of the group.

Warren looked at Mr. White and he nodded in confirmation they could trust both Marcus and Max, so Warren proceeded to explain their situation once again from the beginning to the present day. Marcus nodded in fascination along the way, his posture relaxing as the story went further.

“I am sorry for being so unpleasant earlier,” He said to Faith with sincere smile on his face. “You are just a kid and I know it’s not an excuse but I had a terrible couple of weeks.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Faith answered returning the smile.

“So you can hurt those creatures, the Anels I mean?” Marcus asked curiosity peeking through his voice.

“I don’t know, it happened once when I was just a kid,” Faith said. “I barely remember that day.” Marcus nodded.

“What about this place?” Warren asked Marcus. “Does it hold any significance? Why did Samael choose it? I tried researching the best I could but couldn’t find anything about it.

“Me neither,” Marcus answered. “I’ve gone over all the writing and symbols we found in Antarctica and in Egypt but couldn’t find any correlation with this place.”

“What do you think about Samael?” Warren asked his curiosity peeking.

“I don’t know,” Marcus said. “Something feels off about him too, the same way it felt of about the Angels.” He answered truthfully. “I think we might start something way beyond our understanding, so we don’t really have a choice but to meet with him in two days.” 

Warren and the rest nodded in agreement, dispersing their little group in process and joining the others. They used the rest of the night to get some rest and Mr. White arranged for insane amounts of food and drinks to be brought to their location.

Marcus and Warren spent the day before the trip going over each other’s findings. Marcus showed Warren everything they had discovered from Egypt to Antarctica, including ancient artifacts, strange symbols, and maps. Warren listened attentively, nodding occasionally and asking questions.

As they were going through some of the symbols, Faith joined them and mentioned that she had seen some of those symbols in her dreams from time to time, but had never thought much of it. 

“I’ve seen these two symbols before,” Faith said.

“Where?” Marcus asked.

“In my dreams, several times,” Faith answered looking over the rest of the symbols. 

This caught Marcus’s attention, “Tell me all you can remember.” He said.

“You never mentioned this to me before,” Warren said.

“I did not want to bother you with it,” She answered looking him straight in the eyes, trying not to make much of his worried expression.

“You should have told me,” Warren said. “So, what happened in those dreams?”  

Faith tried to recall as much as she could, describing the symbols in detail and the recurring themes in her dreams. Marcus and Warren listened carefully, trying to make connections between her dreams and their research, but it would have to wait as the time of their meeting with Samael was drawing close, and Mr. White called for everyone to gather around.

“Not all of you are going to a meeting,” Mr. White said with confidence. “It will be Marcus, Max, Warren, Faith, and me,” As Mr. White spoke, the rest of the team looked at each other with curiosity and slight concern. They had been working together for months, some of them for years, and it was unusual for Mr. White to exclude them from such an important meeting.

Marcus raised his eyebrows, “What’s going on, Arthur? Why just us five?”

Mr. White took a deep breath before answering, “This meeting is of a sensitive nature and requires a smaller group. I trust you all, but I believe this is the best course of action.”

Warren and Faith exchanged glances, unsure of what to make of the situation. Max, who had remained quiet until now, spoke up, “I’m in. Whatever it is, I want to be there.”

With Max’s confirmation, Marcus looked around the group, and most of them seemed to be fine with the decision. “Okay, if you say so.” He said looking over to the newcomer’s Warren and Faith, both of them nodding in agreement.

Mr. White smiled, “Good, we all agree. We leave in two hours.”

The journey to the meeting location was relatively short, with most of the distance covered by a car. However, the last stretch of the journey required them to proceed on foot, as the path was too rugged and steep for vehicles to traverse.

As they hiked through the foothill of the Andes Mountains, the landscape gradually changed, with the lush greenery giving way to barren rock formations. They had to be careful with each step, as the terrain was uneven and treacherous.

After several hours of hiking, they finally arrived at the meeting spot. It was a secluded plateau surrounded by towering peaks, with a single rocky outcrop jutting out in the center. A gusty wind blew through the valley, and the air was thin and cold.

Warren and Faith looked around in awe, taking in the stark beauty of the location. Faith barely saw the world outside the farm and their small town, so this was a huge shock for her. Marcus and Max, who had seen their fair share of remote locations, remained stoic, scanning the area for any signs of danger. Mr. White, however, seemed at ease, as if he had been to this place before. He was tired of the hike, that much could be seen, but there was something off about this man Marcus noticed. He never got to know him that well, but the wealthy businessman was acting out of the character lately.

“Is everything alright Arthur?” Marcus asked him.

“Yes, yes…” Mr. White answered his white teeth shining through the tin smile. “Just tired of the hike, I am a man in years.” He said putting his arm on Marcus’s shoulder. Marcus just nodded not returning the smile to him.

Marcus walked toward Warren next, “How well do you know Mr. White?” 

“Almost no at all,” He said. “We met once years ago, and he seemed to know all about me when I contacted him now. Why you ask?”

“Yea he seems to know it all…” Marcus said with a puzzled expression. “I don’t know, he has been acting weirdly recently, something is off about him. We need to keep an eye on him” Marcus said Warren gave him a gentle nod.

As they waited for Samael a feeling of unease began to creep up on Faith. It started as a slight discomfort in her stomach but soon grew into a full-blown sense of anxiety.

She tried to push the feeling aside and focus on the present moment. Warren noticed her mood shift and placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder. “Are you okay?” he asked, looking at her with concern.

Faith forced a smile and nodded, not wanting to worry her father. But the feeling continued to gnaw at her, growing stronger with each passing moment. She couldn’t explain why she was feeling this way, but it was as if something was about to go terribly wrong.

Just as she thought she couldn’t take it anymore, Marcus yelled. 

“Look, over there,” He pointed above one of the peeks. “It’s him.” The rest of them look over in the direction Marcus was pointing.

“He seemed to bring some company,” Max said as several more clouds of strange moving liquidish smoke could be seen floating their way.

Five of them stood on the plateau watching towards the Samael and his companions as their approached, mixed feeling rising and overtaking them all, there was no point of return now.

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