Chapter 12



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For years, Warren had been tirelessly researching and following all the events related to the Angels and their appearances. He downplayed his obsession to Faith, but in reality, he was always digging deeper, reading articles, and scouring social media for any hint of new developments. He read stories about other children and even adults who had hurt Angels like Faith did that day, all over the globe, but he could never find concrete proof of those people. 

Every day he spent hours in his study, surrounded by books, maps, and notes. He was determined to find out more about the Angels and their true intentions. He had heard rumors about people who were immune to the Angels’ powers, and he was desperate to find them. He had been keeping track of Angel stories all over the world, trying to find a pattern, a clue to their motives.

Despite his tireless efforts, Warren could not shake the feeling of hopelessness that gnawed at his heart. The world had changed so much since the Rapture, and it seemed like the Angels were too careful to leave any clues as to what they were up to. He had lost his wife, his home, his sense of security, and any semblance of normal life. All he had left was Faith, the girl he had saved from the Angels that fateful day, and now everything started to derail once again. They had fifteen years of some sense of normality, but with Faith’s scar acting up more and more, Angels coming randomly alone down to Earth and the feeling Faith described the other day, something had to be done.

In the days following Faith’s unusual feelings of dread, Warren continued researching and scouring the internet for any new information, if anything has changed in the past few. His focus was on the Angels as always and their appearances, but he stumbled upon something that caught his attention. Multiple sightings of a mysterious creature, something resembling a smoke cloud as described by the witnesses or a black liquid substance by others, were reported from all over the globe, the sightings started the day Faith had that feeling of unease. Warren couldn’t ignore the coincidence of it all. Was this new creature connected to the Angels and their mysterious appearances, or was it something else entirely? 

As he delved deeper into the reports, Warren came across blurry photos and videos that only added to the mystery. Some people claimed to have seen the creature up close and described it as a dark, ominous presence with a faint red glow around it that moved with a strange grace and fluidity. Others reported feeling a sense of dread and foreboding in its presence. Despite the lack of concrete evidence, Warren couldn’t shake the feeling that it was connected to Faith’s feelings that day.

Warren had heard about and anonymously contacted many research groups and organizations that delved into everything regarding Rapture and the Angels, but most of them knew nothing of value. But one person, with their own aura of mystery around him, stuck with Warren.  That person was powerful beyond what Warren thought originally and was the only one who had actually found and contacted him somehow, and their conversation was brief, Warren had lied about everything he knew, never mentioning Faith, but he had a feeling that person knew more. He said that if he ever found anything unusual or more about Angels to contact him, and he had resources to dig deeper into it. Warren reached into a drawer and pulled out a business card with a phone number and a name that read Arthur White.

Moments later Faith walked into the study. Warren looked up from his computer, his brow furrowed in concern once he saw her expression. 

“It happened again, didn’t it?” Warren asked with a calm tone.

“Yes,” Faith said softly. “I’ve felt it again, the fifth or sixth time already in these few days.”

“Tell me more about these feelings, Faith,” he said, turning his full attention to his daughter, he thought of her as his own blood.

Faith shifted nervously from foot to foot, her eyes fixed on a spot on the floor. “It’s hard to explain,” she said softly. “It’s like…like something big and powerful is out there, and it’s coming for us. It’s like a weight on my chest, making it hard to breathe.”

Warren’s heart sank as he listened to her. He had hoped that she wouldn’t be affected by any of this, that he could somehow shield her from the chaos and danger of what the world has become. But it seemed that fate had other plans.

“It’s okay, Faith,” he said soothingly, rising from his chair and taking her into his arms. “We’ll figure this out together. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

As he held her close, Warren’s mind raced with possibilities. Deep down he knew that he couldn’t keep her hidden away forever, but he also knew that he couldn’t face this threat alone. He needed help.


Marcus and the team left the cave in Antarctica as soon as they figured out the coordinates that Samael imprinted on the icy wall. Once they were in the open the frigid air stung their faces as they descended the icy Mauntain. They trudged through the snow and back to their original camp, they were slowed by Martin’s injury, but luckily had a sled that allowed them to keep pace. 

As they sailed away from the icy continent, Marcus couldn’t shake the feeling of unease that had settled in the pit of his stomach. Meeting Samael had been a surreal experience, to say the least. The power that Samael radiated and the way it spoke were both awe-inspiring and terrifying, and Marcus couldn’t help but wonder what Samael’s true motives were. Was the creature truly the devil and they were deceived? Were Angels better? A million questions raced through his mind and he had no answers to them.

His thoughts were interrupted by Max, who brought up the fact that they still didn’t inform Mr. White of what happened. That was another set of problems, if Mr. White was still watched by the Angels, should they even contact him or continue to the location Samael provided on their own?

Marcus looked at Max with a serious expression. “We can’t risk it,” he said. “We don’t know if Mr. White is being watched by the Angels. We have to assume the worst-case scenario and proceed with caution.”

Max nodded. “So what’s the plan then?”

“We’ll continue to the location Samael provided,” Marcus said. “We’ll keep a low profile and try not to draw any attention to ourselves. Once we’re there, we’ll study everything we have found and documented in that cave. There is a lot of text we haven’t translated yet due to the new symbols we have found. It may hold more secrets, it might reveal something that neither Samael nor Angels are willing to tell us.”

Max looked thoughtful for a moment before nodding in agreement. “Sounds like a plan,” he said.

The rest of the team listened attentively as Marcus and Max discussed their next steps. It was clear that they were all still shaken by the encounter with Samael and unsure of what to do next. They all felt like they were about to decide the faith of the whole world by themselves.

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