Chapter 11



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As the smoky substance cleared, the figure became more defined. It stood taller than any of the humans present in the cave, with broad shoulders and a slender waist. Its body was covered in flowing robes made of the same ethereal substance as the smoke, and its skin was almost transparent, similar to the Angels. But what was most striking was its face. The angels didn’t quite look human either, but this creature had a crooked smile on its face that seemed almost menacing.

The creature’s body emitted a faint red glow, which contrasted sharply with the golden glow of the angels Marcus and the team were already familiar with. The glow was not comforting, like the soft golden light of the angels, but instead felt ominous. The creature had the same otherworldly presence as the angels, but there was something more dangerous about this creature, something that made Marcus and his team feel uneasy, some of them took few steps back instinctively.

As Samael stood there, towering over the humans, it seemed to take in its surroundings. Its eyes, which were black and piercing, scanned the cave and the people in it. There was an air of power and danger about it, and Marcus and his team realized that they were in the presence of something ancient and powerful.

Marcus stepped forward, his eyes never leaving the creature. “What are you?” he demanded.

“Humans, interesting, you prevailed.” The creature tilted its head, its crooked smile widening. “I am known by many names,” it replied cryptically. “Who do you think I am?”

“Samael?” Marcus asked.

“Are you the devil?” Alex asked, straight to the point.

The creature chuckled, “Ah, Samael. Yes, that’s one of my names. As for the devil, well, that’s a title Angels and their followers have given me. They have quite the imagination.”

The team exchanged stunned glances, still unsure of what to make of this enigmatic being.  

“I am older than the Earth, almost as old as the universe itself,” the creature repeated. “But that is not important right now, we will have plenty of time for history lessons,” Samael said. “What is important is whether they have started collecting people yet.”

The team looked at each other, confused. “Collecting people?” Marcus repeated. “You mean Angels, taking them to heaven?”

“Oh sweet child of mine,” Samael said. “There is no heaven in concept you think there is.” It said its tone almost sympathetic. “Yes, they, the Angels or whatever they call themselves this time. Have they started taking people away?”

“Yes,” Marcus answered, his voice shaking. “Fifteen years ago they came for the first time and took a lot of people with them, and then every five years, so four times in total by now.”

“Ohh, you are very late this time,” Samael said. “That’s bad, very bad…”

The team exchanged worried looks. “What do you mean, ‘very bad’?” Max asked, finally joining the conversation. “Why are they taking people?”

“It’s too hard, and too long to explain now, as I said there will be time for history lessons.” The creature said, its crooked smile gone now, replaced with a blank expression. 

“We have time now,” Marcus said. “Please explain.”

“No, we really don’t,” Samael said. “They will come one more time and then it begins, they come five times, they always have.”

“What will happen then?” Max asked worry vibrating thru his voice.

“As I said, I will explain,” Samael said. “I have to go now…”

“Go? Where?” Marcus said.

“I need to find my brothers and sisters,” Samael said. “Meet me at this location in fifteen days,” Samael said and pointed toward the coordinates on the map. “And we can begin.”

“Begin wha-” Marcus started to ask but was cut off as Samael’s form began to waver, the glow from its red aura becoming more intense. The creature’s eyes flashed with an intense light, and its body began to twist and contort, the robe-like substance turning into a dark, liquid smoke that writhed and coiled around its body. The black smoke swirled and flowed around Samael, obscuring its shape until it became a featureless cloud of darkness.

The creature began to ascend, floating up toward the cavern’s high ceiling, and the team watched in awe as it speed away toward the exit. 

As the team looked around, they could still feel the energy of Samael’s presence lingering in the air. They exchanged glances, each of them silently wondering what they had just witnessed.

Marcus broke the silence. “What do we do now?” he asked, his voice sounding small and unsure.

“We follow his instructions,” Max replied. “As if we have any choice now.”

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