Chapter 1
Time Machine Disaster

Getting the time machine was no easy task. It took almost 2 years of planning and the job had to be executed perfectly. I’ve had help from 2 different Villain organizations and I had to pay a hefty price for that, both monetary and I’d be in their debts. But it wouldn’t matter once I got the machine.

When the time came everyone did their part and the machine was in my Lair, I hated calling it the lair, but it was how everyone called my basement underneath the Villa these days.

There was one problem though, the machine did not operate how my intel told me, we just couldn’t get it to work. So it put a stop to my plans that were pretty simple: travel to several points in the past, get rid of few a people here, few a there, make few a adjustments in several other periods, few investments, etc…

I had to pay Dr. Andersson a visit, the man himself, and he was terrified once he found out that was me who has stolen the machine. I’ve brought my Friend the Mind-Bender who would force him to only tell the truth with his abilities and unfortunately for me, the truth was bad. We just couldn’t travel to the past in any way, shape, or form. He still hoped he would discover a way one day but for now, the only way to go was forward.

So I made a few adjustments to my plans and sent my trusted friend The Gambler to scout the terrain into the future. When he came back he always ruddy face was pale white.

“Boss… the things I saw, the horrors, it can’t be true.” He barely could keep from breaking down.

“Calm down my friend,” I said. “Let’s get you a glass of water and we can talk later.”

Once he calmed down he told me that the earth was almost completely destroyed, a full-blown apocalypse. Nukes were thrown, diseases ravaged the planet, people killed people, there were no heroes and villains, no good was bad, only a battle for survival.

He told me he took pictures and videos, but once he opened his phone it was fried. We tried fixing it but there was no hope. Soon we found out that no devices could survive the travel, so we sent someone with a polaroid but once he came back the photo was just pure white, nothing could be seen.

I still didn’t want to travel, I wasn’t sure if there were any long-term consequences of traveling, so I sent Mind-Bender this time. He could memorize anything picture perfectly and then he could paint it as he was an excellent painter.

And he did, and what I saw was terrible, who could have done something so diabolical, what could have happened? And then he told me something that shook me to my core. While he was there he kidnapped a few people and read their minds.

“It was you, boss, you did it, you started the whole chain of the events that led to Earth’s destruction.”

The words rang through my head. How could I have done something so horrible, what could have happened to push me that far over the edge? Yes, I was the villain, yes I loved it, and yes I hated all the heroes, but I never wanted the destruction of the world. I wanted to be feared, to rule my city, inflict pain on those so-called Heroes and enjoy all the wonders of this world along the way.

I had to know more, so I sent Mind-Breaker once again, this time to my lair in the future and I waited as always, 1 hour. The machine started to make its usual noise and I eagerly awaited his return.

But the person that came back wasn’t him, it was somehow me. I looked at myself yes a little bit older, but the physical differences could be barely seen, but those eyes, that crooked smile, something definitely went terribly wrong…

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