Category: Short Stories

  • Supers vs Aliens Short Story

    Supers vs Aliens
    Short Story

    “What is that?” Scux said. “What?” Yzux asked while calibrating the railgun. “Another battle against humans, another easy win and check to pick up,” Yzux said while humming. “No, look at the radar!” Scux raised his voice. Yzux turned his head one hundred eighty degrees and used one of his tentacles to switch the screen…

  • Familiars Short story

    Short story

    Plot: Pets choose their owners at birth. You are forty and have never been chosen, until today. While out hunting, you came upon a dead Dire Wolf and it’s pup. The pup understands your commands, but it won’t stop following you. Also, its as big as fruit cart. I was often mocked, but it didn’t…

  • Super Powered Problem Unfinished

    Super Powered Problem

    When super-powered people started appearing five years ago, everyone expected them to fulfill a norm of a hero and a villain, but it didn’t quite work like that. Being a true hero meant being selfless, and helping everyone equally without any gain. Also, it meant exposing yourself and your family to constant danger. There was…

  • Ambush in Prerian Canyon Short Story

    Ambush in Prerian Canyon
    Short Story

    Henrik was a human trapped in a foreign world full of magic, numerous intelligent species, marvelous creatures and beasts alike, and wonders still lying undiscovered, with no way home. He was a man of few words unless it was battle time, then he was a poet on the battlefield instructing his soldiers with ease and…

  • New Tera Unfinished

    New Tera

    “We were passive for way too long, you lulled us into a false sense of security ever since we came here! So we are going after the loot and that’s not up for a discussion!” Philip said visibly frustrated, which was out of character for him. Milla noticed the atmosphere in the room was tense…

  • Aliens vs Vampires unfinished

    Aliens vs Vampires

    “Marius do you hear yourself you are being ridiculous…” Radrok his creator and master of the respected vampire house said. “Aliens are abducting humans for their blood? What? Why?” He continued baffled by what Marius just said. Marius was always a little bit excentric to put it lightly, ever since he turned him into a…