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  • Chapter 7 Pathetic Villain

    Chapter 7
    Pathetic Villain

    Silver Fox, by now we found out her real name was Ella, was clearly surprised and shocked by all the information she was given. “What does this have to do with me?” She said snapping out of her state. “Why do you want me with you? What is even your end goal here?” “Well, you…

  • Chapter 6 Pathetic Villain

    Chapter 6
    Pathetic Villain

    It’s been one month since we executed our plan that left The Big Guy dead and me in the charge of the biggest Villain organization in the City. The month is also what I gave his inner circle members to decide whether to join us or leave the city for good or at least that’s…

  • Chapter 5 Pathetic Villain

    Chapter 5
    Pathetic Villain

    “What do you mean no, I said there were great threats brewing on the horizon and that I would explain in due time.” He said clearly shocked by my blunt answer. “I mean no,” I said with a straight face and calm voice looking him straight eyes for the first time feeling not even a…

  • Chapter 4 Pathetic Villain

    Chapter 4
    Pathetic Villain

    What Doc Ben told me was that the procedure worked, but not in the way they intended and envisioned it. My power broke thru their so-called barrier but only a small portion of it, the rest of it was trapped waiting to burst. He admitted that The Big Guy was right and that some of…

  • Chapter 3 Pathetic Villian

    Chapter 3
    Pathetic Villian

    I downed my coffee as we went down to the lower levels of the building. I picked up a hot dog on my way there, how absurd, imagine your job being that of a cook for a villain organization, how do you even apply, where do you even start? Along the way I chatted with…

  • Chapter 2 Pathetic Villain

    Chapter 2
    Pathetic Villain

    What the hell does he have to talk to me about? Does he know? Fuck. A million thoughts flew into my mind, but I somehow managed to suppress them, fuck it, let’s just wing it as always. I decided to teleport forward, towards the chair he pointed at, but being nervous as I was, I…

  • Chapter 1 Pathetic Villain

    Chapter 1
    Pathetic Villain

    Bars of the window and some of the wall surrounding it flew away and the cold instantly blew into the small cell I was held in, my usual spot. The cell was on the third floor and the Dearan was there hovering in the air with his hands crossed over his chest. “Fourth time this…