Ambush in Prerian Canyon
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Henrik was a human trapped in a foreign world full of magic, numerous intelligent species, marvelous creatures and beasts alike, and wonders still lying undiscovered, with no way home. He was a man of few words unless it was battle time, then he was a poet on the battlefield instructing his soldiers with ease and grace never seen by this world. He quickly climbed through the ranks of the Elaedirin Kingdom gaining himself the title of Master Marshall, the position only a few people in the Kingdom’s history held.

Now he found himself trapped with twenty-five of his casters in a wide desert canyon surrounded by steep rocky mountains from all sides with only one way out a small passage leading out to the Prerian desert. Two hundred and fifty enemy soldiers stood between him and the passage, someone had set them up, betrayal at the highest level as only chosen people knew of this expedition into the newly found tomb.

They stood behind a stone formation at the south side of the Canyon’s valley near the Tombs entrance, some seven hundred meters away from the exit where the enemy forces stood. He could see the fear in his squad’s eyes but also a determination to live, fight, not just roll over and die.

“What’s the plan, boss,” Eldrig an Elementalist caster asked.

“I have a plan, it might sound stupid at first and you will have to follow me blindly for it to work,” He answered keeping an eye on the enemy forces that left around seventy men guarding the passage and sending the rest slowly after them. It was a full squadron with Knights upfront, casters, paladins, and archers in the back.

“After everything we have been through if you just told us to lay down here and die we would do that, so tell us what’s the master plan this time,” Othedon a heavy magic caster asked.

“We are going to ditch all our equipment,” He said unfastening his heavy platinum-infused plate armor. “Get rid of your helmets, chest pieces, leg pieces, swords, axes, leave only the robes we have just looted in the tomb and wands only we are going light boys,” He said.

They blindly followed his lead, luckily for them they wore short black shorts under the leg pieces of armor to protect their legs from scratches and metal rubbing on their legs.

“Now what, boss?” Eldrig asked putting on a recently looted yellow robe that could repel normal sword and bow blows as they have already tested inside the tomb.

“Now you all use your powers to enchant each other and me with speed,” He said, as a human in this world he was not able to tap into the magical powers but could be enchanted by others or wear previously enchanted equipment to gain some form of powers. “And we run a circle around them, we are not going to fight them head to head, we are going to run like crazy in circles around their slowers knights and paladins picking their arches and mages apart and then at the end we are going to take care of them.

They all nodded and started using their powers of enchantment.

“Firstly we are going to rush them with normal speed head-on like we are going to engage, then we are going to switch directions and go straight towards the one at the passage.” Henrik continued. “Eldrig, Hadelia, and Carphira once we are near the passage you are going to use your powers to tear off part of the canyon and seal the passage leaving their soldiers out and us against a hundred and some people instead of two hundred, you got it?” He asked as enemies approached dangerously close.

“Got it, boss,” Eldlrig said and others nodded.

“We will wing the rest along the way, just listen to me.” He said, everyone, nodded once again standing in different colored robes. “Let’s charge them!”

They ran out of the stone formation and charged the enemy who wore all black armor and weapons with fine orange details across their chest, helmet, and weapon curvatures. Coming close, almost crashing with their knights Henrik gave out a command.

“Enchant and split,” He felt the surge of power rushing through him as he changed his direction running around enemy forces at inhumane speeds, his squad splitting into two to maneuver easier.

They reached the passage before enemy forces even managed to turn around their formation. Some arrows and spells flew in their directions but they fell short, not adjusting for the speeds they were running at now.

The enemy forces at the passage, holding their position had a dumbfounded look on their faces as he ordered Eldrig, Hadelia, and Carphira to destroy the steep walls of the canyon and seal themselves in with the enemy force. Screams could be heard as a large chunk of stones fell onto the enemy force crushing them to death and sealing the passage away.

“Now rinse and repeat,” He said smiling as the thrill of the battle filled his soul. “Charge them and split again on my command, we are going to start picking apart their back lines.”

They did the same charging the enemy force head-on once again, enemy knights’ swords and spears drawn and pointed towards them, this time they came even close before splitting to the side.

“As we run around cast everything you have into their archers,” Henrik yelled at top of his lungs.

He couldn’t cast any spells, but he had a wand that fired fireballs similar to a fireball spell, and he threw more than ten fireballs onto their archers taking down at least three along the way.

“Run down full south towards the tomb entrance now,” He yelled and the squad followed.

Once at the bottom of the valley they regrouped, no one was injured, no one even had a scratch on them and they took out almost twenty archers and several mages along the way.

“Let’s do the same one more time, but they are going to expect it now, so we are going to split much earlier some fifty meters before they reach us, and go directly to the sides, don’t run around, get far away drop the enchantments and fire on their mages with all you got before enchanting us again.” Henrik said, “Let’s go.”

They ran, and the enemy changed their formation a little bit, anticipating the same tactic as they split way before leaving the enemy looking at two sides of casters blasting them with their full power. Their mages and archers unable to move from their heavy units fell in seconds leaving only the heavy armored Knights, Paladins, and Spearman some fifty of them standing now trapped with them in the valley.

It wasn’t easy to break through knights with heavy armor with any spells and almost impossible with wands, but Henrik used the terrain to their advantage once again. Luring the enemy to one side of the valley next to the steep mountain almost trapping themselves in the process before using Eldrig, Hadelia, and Carphira again to throw down the canyon onto the enemy crushing and trapping their Knights under the massive stones.

All that was left of enemy forces was some ten Spearman and Paladins who stood there shaking in fear, lowering their weapons in a sign of surrender, but they knew Henrik’s reputation, no mercy for the attackers no one leaves the battlefield alive from the losing side.

Othedon suggested taking them as prisoners to find who set them up, who betrayed them and left them for dead, but Henrik knew the answer, there was no doubt in his mind. With the trill of the battle still surging through him he ordered the remaining enemies to be slayed and the squad did the quick work, ten black armors clanking to the floor, a swift victory against all odds, the satisfaction was almost divine.

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