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  • The Real First Contact
    First Contact – Part 3

    The first thing the crew thought of is how would the aliens even dock, there was no way their docking mechanism would match the ISS’s, but the Anoi’s said not to worry about it. The second thing was the space inside the station, ISS was expanded but it was fit to hold 35 astronauts comfortably,…

  • The Decision
    First Contact – Part 2

    “What should we do? Who do we even contact about this to not spread panic?” Chloe said. “Let’s take a few minutes to think about it,” James finally snapped out of the initial shock, not only we were not alone in the universe but the aliens somehow understood and spoke our language. The crew of…

  • First Contact
    Part 1

    “Chief, what is that?” Eric said. “I told you at least dozen times already not to call me that, I ain’t no chief,” James said. James came to ISS back in 2030 when the station expanded to be able to comfortably hold 35 people. They were now working on doubling the capacity by the year…