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  • Chapter 8

    Marcus raised his hands in surrender and tried to speak calmly, “Max, I understand you’re angry and I don’t blame you. But please, listen to me. We translated the mark some time ago and came here to uncover the whole truth, the next clue led us here.”Max gritted his teeth, his finger still on the…

  • Chapter 7

    As the sun began to rise over the horizon, the team worked quickly to set up a temporary camp on the shores of Antarctica. Tents were pitched, equipment was organized, and supplies were distributed. The cold air hit their faces, making them shiver, but they knew they had to endure, this was only the beginning…

  • Chapter 6

    They decided to send Mr. White away from them, to the other part of the globe. Wealthy businessmen fought the decision, but deep down he knew it was ultimately for the best. The encounter with the angel had left him shaken, and he needed time to recover and if Angels returned he needed to be…

  • Chapter 5

    Marcus had long been fascinated with the remote continent of Antarctica. He dreamed of going on an expedition there, uncovering the secrets of the frozen land, as his heroes from favorite fantasy novels did. However, he knew that such a journey in real life would be a massive undertaking, requiring a vast array of resources,…

  • Chapter 4

    “Then we find Samael,” Mr. White said. “I trust Marcus completely!” Marcus rolled his eyes and went back to study the rest of the untranslated writings on the stones. Ava and the rest of the team gathered around a large table covered in books, journals, and fragments of the ancient stone and started searching for…

  • Chapter 3

    They spent their flight mostly in silence, shock taking more and more of a hold of Marcus. Jensen tried to reassure him several times that they might have not been taken or that Marcus could simply be wrong. It was more believable that Heaven existed than the Angels were some kind of monsters harvesting people…

  • Rapture
    Chapter 1 & 2

    It was a day like any other when the earth shook violently and the skies suddenly turned bright. All around the globe same sight could be seen. People saw what seemed to be giant, glowing beings descending from the heavens, Angels. Angels were unlike anything anyone had ever imagined, with wings blindingly beautiful and an…

  • Big Boom
    Unchained – Chapter 6

    We flew at low speed and low altitude to evade enemy radars and patrol ships, at least that’s what Guardian said to us. After three hours of flight and anxiety eating us alive we arrived at a desert with no enemy architecture or living being in sight. Guardian was adamant that he was never wrong…

  • Siege of Yahalam (1/3)
    Tales from World Beyond

    Siege of Yahalam, part one of three. The City of Yahalam was a marvel of architecture and engineering, it held the title of the most fortified city on the Mundious, maybe even the planet. For a thousand years, Yahalam remained unbroken and untouched, a symbol of strength and resilience in a world filled with danger.…

  • Prisoners
    Unchained – Chapter 5

    “Did you bring me the core?” The AI asked as soon as we set our boots on the ship. “It’s actually two cores, omnipotent one,” I fired back already tired of AI’s attitude. “Interesting…” The AI said. “Wait, who is that with you? You brought Pilio’s with you, Why? Didn’t I tell you to kill…