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  • Chapter 15

    Faith’s discomfort increased as Samael and the figures surrounding him approached. At one moment she almost fainted due to the light-headedness. “Are you ok?” Warren griped her under his arm. “Do you want us to leave?” He asked with concern. “No,” Faith muttered under her breath. “Something is telling me to stay here, I think…

  • Chapter 14

    Warren wanted Faith to stay behind and for him to accompany Mr. White to a meeting with his team and this Samael figure alone, but Faith fought against it. Warren leaned in, “Faith, I think it’s better if I go alone with Mr. White to meet this Samael creature. We don’t know what we’re dealing…

  • Chapter 13

    As soon as Faith went to sleep, Warren picked up his phone and dialed Mr. White’s number. A few rings later, a soothing voice answered on the other end. “Warren, I’m glad you called,” Mr. White said.  “It’s been years. I thought you would not remember me.” Warren said genuinely surprised that the man he…

  • Chapter 12

    For years, Warren had been tirelessly researching and following all the events related to the Angels and their appearances. He downplayed his obsession to Faith, but in reality, he was always digging deeper, reading articles, and scouring social media for any hint of new developments. He read stories about other children and even adults who…

  • Chapter 11

    As the smoky substance cleared, the figure became more defined. It stood taller than any of the humans present in the cave, with broad shoulders and a slender waist. Its body was covered in flowing robes made of the same ethereal substance as the smoke, and its skin was almost transparent, similar to the Angels.…

  • Chapter 10

    After the chaos that followed the rapture, Warren took Faith to his parent’s farm on the east coast. It took them some time but they settled into their new life. Warrant’s parts farm provided them with a steady source of income in the rough times and economic disbalance that followed the rupture. Warren continued to…

  • Chapter 9

    Fifteen years ago, in Los Angeles. Warren leaned back in his chair and let out a deep sigh. Benjamin glanced over at him and raised an eyebrow. “Tough day?” he asked. Warren shook his head. “Nah, just a long one, waiting for the clock to tick the end. How about you?” Benjamin chuckled. “Same old,…

  • The Far Away
    First Contact – Part 22

    As Pegasus left the Solar System and Kraz’ox returned from the fake threat the humans instigated, things changed for the worse for humanity. As soon as Kraz’ox realized that something had left the Solar system while they were occupied with the threat and that one of their scout ships was missing on top of that,…

  • The Truth
    Unchained – Chapter 7

    “Where are we?” I yelled. “I think it’s time for you to explain some things to us!” “Ok, ok, calm down,” Dragon said. “You will get a heart attack, your vitals are off the charts!” “Begging or I will take you out of the ship,” I said. “You can’t. I already spread outside the core…

  • The plan
    First Contact – part 21

    James pondered everything that happened ever since they left Earth on Pegasus. The dreams, Alien artifacts, the AI. Their mission was a success but was cut short by an unexpected threat of the Void. The Void had entered the solar system they were in and was heading straight for them. The journey to the Pegasus…