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  • Honorable combat against Imperial Knights
    Parts 1 &^2

    “We hereby sentence you to death,” Restik said, standing in front of the royal court. Eloken smiled slightly, expecting the sentence and looking forward to it. “If I recall correctly, as a nobleman, I have the right to choose the method of my execution.” The room fell silent for a moment, and the council members…

  • Epilogue – What the future holds
    First Contact – Part 25 – The End

    Marcus sat in his Manhattan office, gazing out at the spot where Kraz’ox had landed almost four years ago. Quibble, an ancient AI, had chosen Marcus to lead one of the divisions tasked with learning more about the AI and how Ellads and other ancient civilizations had used them. Quibble had only given them a…

  • Battle for Earth
    First Contact – Part 24

    The Pegasus comms crackled to life, and Quibble’s voice sounded urgent. “On your mark, Captain.” James surveyed the radar and read the scouting vessel’s reports. He allowed Quibble to use the comms freely during the impending battle. “We wait a little bit more,” James said, his voice low and serious. “Let them fight each other.…

  • The Crossroads
    First Contact – Part 23

    Meng had noticed another shift in Kraz’ox’s behavior a few months after the Pegasus mission began. Along with the regular crackdown on humanity, interrogations, and constant check-ups, the Kraz’ox seemed more nervous than usual, at least to Meng’s eyes. He had seen a significant increase in the number of Kraz’ox military ships entering the Solar…

  • Chapter 17

    “Mr. White,” the young doctor said, holding a card in his hand. “I am sorry to inform you, but it’s almost certain you will have Alzheimer’s disease based on all the tests we have run and your family history.” Arthur’s heart sank into his stomach, and he felt a wave of despair and nausea wash…

  • Into The Unknown
    Citizens Exchange – Chapter 3

    The night had been restless for Liam, filled with an overwhelming sense of anticipation and excitement that had kept him tossing and turning in bed. Every time he closed his eyes, his mind raced with possibilities, making it impossible for him to slip into slumber. But finally, after what felt like hours, Liam drifted off…

  • The Rift
    Citizens Exchange – Chapter 2

    Ever since humanity started gazing upon the stars, people have wondered about the possibility of aliens and the idea of first contact. Like most people, Karina had imagined that aliens would arrive in giant spaceships hovering above the earth, or at least a message from the depths of space, confirming the existence of extraterrestrial life.…

  • Decision
    Citizens Exchange – Chapter 1

    The year 1781 Thalassar calendar | the Year 2033 Earth calendar Liam woke up in his best friend’s apartment, feeling groggy and disoriented. His head throbbed with a dull ache, the after-effects of another night of hard partying. He sat up slowly, rubbing his bleary eyes and surveying the dimly lit living room. The California…

  • The Riftwalker Guild
    Citizens Exchange – Prologue

    Year 1607 Thalassar calendar | Year 1859 Earth calendar The Riftwalker Guild was one of the most powerful and wealthy organizations on the planet Thalassar. Like many other traveling guilds, the Riftwalkers owned a fleet of ships and wagons that they used to transport people and goods across the planet. However, their primary source of…

  • Chapter 16

    Marcus stood on the plateau, stunned, watching as Samael and his remaining companions that survived Faith’s burst of light flew away in the direction from where they came. Mr. White was engulfed by Samael and was being carried away. Marcus had so many questions swirling in his mind. Mr. White had admitted to Samael that…