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“Marius do you hear yourself you are being ridiculous…” Radrok his creator and master of the respected vampire house said. “Aliens are abducting humans for their blood? What? Why?” He continued baffled by what Marius just said.

Marius was always a little bit excentric to put it lightly, ever since he turned him into a vampire some hundred years ago. Marius always does things in his own way and Radrok gave up teaching him the right Vampire traditions a long time ago.

“I am telling you they are here and they are abducting them.” Marius stuck to his story.

“How did you come to this conclusion?” Radrok asked.

“Well, same as us they don’t want to make themselves known to humans so they target lonely targets that no one would miss or bat an eye for,” Marius said. “They already took three of my usual human meals.”

Marius had his own array of humans he found and didn’t let anyone else in the area touch them. He had a schedule when he drained them, then he would glamour them to forget and come back in a few weeks. Not a bad plan, but not the true Vampire way.

“Did it occur that some of your humans just moved away?” Radrok asked.

“No, I know what they do and when, I know everything about them if it was one then maybe, but three, that’s too much,” He said.

“So it’s more likely that aliens are abducting them than that they moved?” Radrok was losing his patience with another one of Marius’s ridiculous claims. “I don’t have time for this now.”

“I am going to bring you proof, then you will apologize to me!” Radrok just waved him off and went on his way.

So Marius waited for the night and called his 5 offspring and gave them the task of overlooking his food. He was going to catch those damn aliens and make Radrok eat his words.

The night was uneventful for most, he fed once and then glamoured the person to make them forget. He kept circling between ten of his human blood stashes but nothing changed. Ready to give up he made another round checking on them an hour before the sun rose and the eight humans on his list, an elderly woman by the name of Edna was missing from her house. She rarely ever left her house, let alone this early in the morning so he knew whatever took the other three, was here as well. He called back up and started looking around the house.

Loud bangs on the mansion door awoke Radrok who had a busy night dealing with other Vampire houses and the current drama and tensions between them. It was Marius he could tell, no one was this insane to come knocking on his door this late. He cursed the day he turned him into one of his own. He made his way towards the door.

“Alright, stop it, I am coming.” He yelled but the knocking continued.

Once he opened the door he saw Marius and his five goons carrying a coffin of all the things.

“Why are you carrying a coffin of all the things at 5 AM?” He said.

“Yea, I know, a coffin is a little bit on the nose, but a funeral home was nearby and we wanted to hide this fellow. Come take a look.” Marius said with a grin on his face.

They brought the coffin to the dining room and dropped it on the floor. Marius waved his entourage away and gave a wide smile showing his fangs. He then opened a coffin and a creature Radrok has never seen lay there.

“I told you so!” He said and he wasn’t able to remove the grin. “They are abducting them.”

Radrok was in awe and in shock at the same time, Marius was actually right for once. Before he could react and say anything Marius slapped the creature several times waking it up.

“Tell me what you told him, he said with his Glamour voice,” Marius said.

The creature let out some array of noises, unlike anything Radrok has ever heard.

“Oh, shit wait, say it again,” Marius said and got a little device out of his pocket.

The alien repeated the weird noises once again and Marius pressed a button on the device.

“We are abducting humans for their blood,” Device translated the aliens’ words. “Their iron-rich blood is a pure delicacy in our space coalition.”

“See, I told you so they are abducting them and there is even a fucked up reason for it,” Marius said. “But that’s not the worst of it, hear the rest.” He poked the alien to continue.

“My crew and I just did the test run and it was a huge success, more ships will come in a few weeks to harvest a larger number of humans.” The device played his words in English.

Radrok looked towards Marius, then the creature, then towards Marius again.

“Well done my boy!” He said barely hiding his shock. “Let’s gather all the houses and jump ahead of this problem because this doesn’t look good in the slightest.”

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