Aim for the center
Unchained – Chapter 3



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“So what’s the plan, how do we get one of their ships without fully destroying them in the process?” I asked the AI.

“We are going to shoot all but two down,” The AI said. “So we have a better chance of success.”

“Then what?” Valeria asked as shot another one of the enemy ships down, five more remaining.

“Then I am going to lure them into that canyon,” The AI pinged the canyon’s location on the cockpit map. “Then you are going to shoot for that spot.”

AI pulled an image on our screen. The image showed the enemy ship from below, with a huge red arrow pointing to one of the parts of the ship.“

“See that huge red arrow?” The AI said, a smug tone in his voice. “You have to hit right next to it with your PDCs. That is their navigation module, and by destroying that their ship will continue to fly straight and I will be able to handle it from there.”

As the AI told us some other minor details of the plan, we managed to down all the other enemy ships easily, leaving only two that were still coming after us.

“How dumb are they?” The AI asked. “We destroyed thirteen of them and those two are still coming after us. No backing down, no surrender, what a joke…” The AI said laughing.

“Ok, it’s your time to shine,” The AI continued as we flew toward the canyon. “Don’t hit the spot, you will most likely destroy the navigation module and their ship will go boom… Hit it right next to the module so we disrupt them and I can do my work.”

“Alright, we got it…” I said and Valoria nodded.

Minutes later we found ourselves in the canyon, the enemy ships still rushing after us. Whenever they got close our AI sped up our ship and we evaded them with ease, the previous AI could never do it, we could barely keep up with the speed of their ships. Something was really offputting about all this, but I could not think about it now. We had to survive this planet somehow, and so I had to follow this crazy AI’s commands.

“Ok, this place will do.” The AI said. “Get ready…”

We both switched our screens to full aim mode, waiting for our opportunity. The AI slowed our ship down, allowing enemies to catch up with us.

“Hang on,” The AI said and he changed our seats setting to full mount. “You are going to feel this in your stomach.”

The AI dipped the nose of the ship completely towards the ground, then quickly turned the ship around before we hit the ground and went straight up. AI was right, I felt it in my stomach.

We rushed straight at the enemy ships below them. It gave us the clear look at the bottom of their ships and our target. I took one of the enemy ships, and Valoria took another. The AI said they were dumb as a rock, but even they would not fall for this maneuver twice, so this was our only chance.

By the estimates of our crazy AI, we had around three seconds to shoot once we enter our range before they figure out what we are trying to do and dip to the side in order to hide their navigation module.

The screen flashed, and AI kept quiet, just giving us signs we were in the range for our PDCs. I was quick on the trigger so I shot almost right away. Valoria was more of a sniper so she took her time and shot almost the three-second mark.

“Right at the mark,” I yelled and Valoria followed shortly after, we both appeared to hit our target.

“No, you missed!” The AI said.

“Who?” Valoria asked.

“Not you,” The AI said. “The little fast finger over there.” The AI said.

“What are you on about,” I said. “I hit it where you said.

“Nope…” The AI said and seconds later the ship I fired at swerved to the side and hit the canyon, a huge fireball appearing seconds later.

“From now on I know who gets to shoot,” The AI said and Valoria just looked at me, a little bit of a smirk appearing on her face, she was proud of her shot and honestly I was happy for her.

“Let me get to work,” The AI said.

“Do you need us to do anything?” I asked.

“You will have to get rid of their pilots once I forcefully land the ship,” The AI said.

“Got it,” Valeria and I confirmed.

The enemy ship continued to fly in a straight line and our AI used ships loading arms to grab the enemy ship by its thrusters. We forced the enemy ship almost to the ground and our AI ripped away one of the thrusters slowing them almost to a stop, before ripping a second away and crushing the enemy ship to the ground.

“You have to rush them inside quickly,” The AI said. “They might have figured out what we are up to, we do not want them to destroy their AI core.” Valoria and I got up from our seats and rushed towards the exit which AI had already opened.

“Good luck my minions,” The AI said. “Don’t die on me, I will still need  you for a few things here and there…” The AI said chuckling to himself.

“How nice of you to wish us luck,” Valoria said as we jumped out of our ship and rushed towards the alien craft.

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