About me

Hello, my name is Lucas (I will probably do a full introduction in the future). I was thinking about writing stories for a long time and I wrote my first “series” back in 2015, but I was not satisfied with it and left it behind. Ever since then, I continued reading and enjoying sci-fi and epic fantasy books and novels and got the inspiration to write again in 2022. I finally decided to answer a few prompts on Reddit (r/writingprompts) in September 2022 and surprisingly got very good feedback. From those prompts, a few series have been born with a decent following.

Making a website like this was in my plans ever since 2015, where I would gather all my work, interact with readers and introduce many other features down the line like Audio Books, Interactive Stories, Creating a “universe” where both I and readers can write stories in, etc.

Now, my writing is still not that good or not at the level I wish it was, but at least I’ve seen that I can create interesting storylines and world-building, and I plan on improving myself by reading more, attending some courses, and buying software help like Grammarly and so on.

You can read more about future plans on the roadmap.

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