Chapter 1
Pathetic Villain



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Bars of the window and some of the wall surrounding it flew away and the cold instantly blew into the small cell I was held in, my usual spot. The cell was on the third floor and the Dearan was there hovering in the air with his hands crossed over his chest.

“Fourth time this month…” He said shaking his head.

“It is what is…” I said walking towards the opening in the wall. “That officer Rodrigo got me again.”

“You really gotta stop doing this.” He said stepping in my cell and turning around so I could hop on his back. I got to admit getting carried like this did feel a little bit humiliating but I did get to fly and it never got old.

We kept silent for most of the flight, what was there even to say that hasn’t been said already? Halfway thru I noticed he wasn’t taking me home.

“Hey I don’t want to be rude, but you are not taking me home, so where are we going?” I asked.

“The Big Guy wants to talk to you,” so I am taking you to our headquarters.

“The Big Guy, what? Why? That can’t be good for me.” Anxiety shoot thru me at the mere mention of his name.

“I don’t know mate, he contacted me directly and told me to get you out and straight to him.” He had to yell it to me, due to the wind.

The Big Guy aka Paralyze was top of the food chain, probably the biggest villain in the past decade, he pretty much-controlled half of the City, and the Heros couldn’t do jack shit about it. And he was the Big Guy in every sense of the word both metaphorical and physical, with over 7ft and muscles on muscles he was a sight to behold, and his powers were as terrifying as him. On top of all the physical powers, super strength, durability, and inhumane speed, he could paralyze some with his stare. He would make his opponents completely frozen and unable to move a muscle. Rumor was that after making them paralyze he would just smash people’s heads in, brutal staff.

If you are wondering about my powers, or should I say power, as singular, at first it seems cool. I can teleport. Well when I discovered my powers back in high school 8 years ago, I was on top of the world. I went to rob a back that same night. But I quickly found out that my powers had serious limitations. I could teleport only short distances around 7-8 meters. Well, no problem, I would just wait for the bank to close and hop in the building, walk to the safe, hop in, and do the reverse, and viola I would be rich. Well, it didn’t work out like that. While robbing a bank I turned on a silent alarm and police was waiting on me as I teleported out. I smiled as they ran towards me and teleported a short distance away. Another officer charged me at my new location, I envisioned the new position I wanted to be in, but before I teleported he tackled me with full force and we fell to the ground. And that’s how I found out I only had limited charges, so to say, each day, and to this day I still haven’t figured out how many. Sometimes I can teleport almost hundreds of times, sometimes only a few, and my power has abandoned me in the most crucial times more than I can count now. And when they do, I am just a regular guy in his twenties with a beer belly and not-so-great physical shape and no fighting skills.

We quickly arrived at their headquarters and Dearan left me at the entrance. He told me he had some other things to tend to and that Silver Fox would take me to the big guy.

The guards at the door this night were Peter and Will, really cool guys and probably a better villains than me by just being guards here they contributed more than me to this whole villain bussines.

“Hey guys, how’s it going?” I said as I approached them.

“Ooo, hey jumpy,” Will said, they liked to call me that. “Well same old same old, boring as always, we are guarding a building full of super-powered villains as if someone is insane enough to attack here.”

“Well, you never know,” I said and teleported behind him. I stole his gun and pointed it at teo of them. “Hands in the air, this is a robbery!”

They looked shocked for a second and then bursted out laughing. I rolled the pistol down and gave it back to Will.

“Silver Fox is waiting for me, where is she?” I asked.

“Ye, ye, she is at the lounge area.” He said still chuckling. “Going to see the Big Guy this late, are you in some sort of trouble?”

“When am I not?” I said smiling and turned towards the door.

“Never change, Jumpy, never change” They yelled after me.

I know they laugh behind my back, but honestly, I don’t care, never really did. They can think what they want about me, but I was still liked by most and I was pretty satisfied with my life all around, outside this major thing of being a shitty villain.

I walked past dozens of villains on my way to the lounge, they all had something to say to me, most of them teasing me, and I gave them appropriate responses. As I walked into the lounge there she was, sitting on the sofa in the right corner going over her phone. Her long peppery hair was tied in a tight ponytail and she was always wearing black, with several silver details including a belt, boots, hair tie, and so on. She was one of the few people that I truly wanted to respect me, but she like almost all of them, thought of me as a joke, somewhat of this castle’s jester.

She put her phone down as I approached and gave me a sincere smile.

“How have the police been treating you on this fine evening?” She said.

“Ohh, you know, same as always, the best spot in the whole city to get a good night’s sleep and a Michelin type of meal. 5 stars as always.” I said returning a smile.

She brought me to the elevator that went straight to the Big Guy’s office, well more of a whole apartment than an office. I was there only a few times, once as part of a tour with the newer villains and a few times when I was fetching something for the man himself, but never alone and never have I been called directly there. She put her hand on the scanner next to the elevator and it turned blipped, turned green and the door opened.

“This is as far as I go, he said only you.” Silver Fox said.

I nodded and entered the elevator. This whole night was weird, what didnhe want from me? Have I finally been caught one too many times? Did my endeavors stop being funny and I am just an embarrassment to them now? Anxiety arose in me as fast as the elevator reached the top floor. The door opened and there he was in his recognizable black tank top smoking a cigar with a glass of, surprisingly wine, in his hand.

“Come sit, we have a lot to talk about…”

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